An Analysis of Buying Behavior of Rural and Urban Consumer in Sagar District with Reference to Utility Pattern of Mobile Phone

Anil Mishra

Oriental College of Management, Raisen Road, Bhopal – 462021, M.P. India


This study aims to establish whether the residential background of consumers has a varying influence on their buying decisions. A survey of 400 urban and rural respondents was carried out, of which 200 were rural and 200 urban. The data were analyzed by applying counts, percentages, means, and Z-test .It is found that there is no significant difference of price and style consciousness for purchase of mobile phone between rural and urban consumers but there is a significant difference of quality, functions and brand consciousness of consumers for purchase of mobile phone between rural and urban consumers. Study indicates that rural consumers are less quality, functions and brand conscious compared to urban consumers. The study indicates that rural consumer mostly use friends , T.V. and mobile phone retailer as the source of information, the purchase decision is taken by self-decision with the help of family,  friends and most of rural consumers are satisfied  in Sagar  District, Madhya Pradesh.

Keywords: Consumer Behavior, Rural and Urban Consumers, Impact of Price, Quality, Function, Brand and Function