Composites Materials: Addressing the Climate Change

Anu Gupta1 and Ajit Kumar2

School of Engineering and Technology, IGNOU, Maidan Garhi, New Delhi-110068, India
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Climate change is a long-term phenomena due to the long lifespan of greenhouse gases and the slow response of climate system. The dialogues and negotiations are going on and a number of solutions are being proposed by the economic, scientific, academic, industrial and political communities. Still, a fundamental sustainable solution is away from the ground reality. The present work addresses the issue of climate change with the usage of composites materials in different fore-front areas. Composites find a wide range of applications and add a lot of value towards a sustainable environment. Ranging from the building materials to the aviation materials, an eco-effective solution has been proposed with specific composites. Along with the traditional materials, the modern era green and bio-composites have also been dealt with, presenting a cost-effective and readily available technological solution to address high-range global concern.

Keywords: Composites Materials, Sustainable Environment, Climate Change, Bio-composites, Technological Solution