Predicting Repeat Purchase Behaviour: An Indian Experience

Bikran Jit Singh Mann1 and Rashmi2

1Department of Commerce and Business Management, Guru Nanak Dev University,
Amritsar - 143 005, Punjab, India
2Guru Nanak Institute of Management and Information Technology, Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi - 110052, India
1E-mail:, 2E-mail:


This study examines the repeat purchase behaviour of Indian consumers by analysing the role of brand specific–repeat purchase drivers and consumer demographics on repeat purchase probability. The findings of this study have a direct relevance for marketing managers in building a loyal customer base. The study has been conducted for the consumer-goods product category packed food products. A field survey of 275 actual users of brand was conducted in five major cities of province of Punjab in India. A total of 265 complete and usable questionnaires were received. Logit model was used to test the various hypotheses. The results reveal that among the brand specific–repeat purchase drivers value for money, brand trust and brand affect have positive and significant effect on probability of repeat purchase made by consumers. In case of consumer demographics age, income, education and occupation significantly affected the repeat purchase probability. Further guidelines for marketing managers for designing marketing strategies have been suggested.

Keywords: Repeat Purchase, Brand, Logit, Demographics, Repeat Purchase Drivers, India