Social Justice Instead of Greenhouse Gases –How the Global Economy Needs to Transform

Daniel Bladh

Economist, Former Policy Adviser for the Swedish Left Party in the European Parliament, ASP 7F 263, B-I047 Brussels, Belgium

Different explanations have been presented why the recent UN Summit on Climate Change failed. One explanation which has not been highlighted extensively is related to the fundamental conflict between the current economical system and the urgent demand of drastic reductions of greenhouse gases. Since the climate crisis demonstrates that the environment and the climate badly adjust to the needs of the economy, what is needed is instead the need for an adjustment of the current economical system. This paper discusses some of the current tendencies in the global economy which are neither sustainable nor desirable. It also tries to identify some principles for the design of a completely new global way of producing, consuming, trading and transporting. The reference for change is the need for democratization and localization of the economy.

Keywords: Social Justice, Greenhouse Gases, Global Economy, Economic Transformation