Implications of TQM and its Critical Success Factors into Business

N.Venkateshwarlu1, Ashish Agarwal2 and Manoj Kulshreshtha3

School of Engineering and Technology, IGNOU, New Delhi – 110068, India
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The objective of the paper is to provide comprehensive review on TQM. In the paper, critical success factors (CSF) of TQM have been identified for Indian manufacturing/service organisations. Most of these factors are considered significant by many companies for gaining the competitiveness and quality improvement. The collection of data/papers from various sources, such as books and journals is to gain the knowledge on TQM and its factors, principles, enablers and benefits. The findings indicate that success factors of TQM are critical for quality improvement and gaining competitiveness. This comprehensive review paper will provide the knowledge about, what is TQM? How TQM is different from other quality terms? The collection of definitions of TQM from different papers will clarify the idea about TQM and its effectiveness in various organisations.

Keywords: Total Quality Management, Critical Success Factors, Quality Improvement