An Evaluation of Client’s Expectation from Their Ad-Agencies
and Ad-Agencies Expectation from Their Client’s

P.G. Arul

Department International Business, School of Management, Pondicherry University, Kalapet, Pondicherry -605014, India


As competition increases, companies are demanding more services from their ad-agencies. Hence, ad- agency-client relationship is more prone to stress and sustain than ever before. There is no single factor which cements a strong bond between the agencies and the clients.  It’s a multitude of them, which makes it difficult to pinpoint a particular aspect which could be responsible for making or breaking an agency-client relationship.  A client does not approach an agency only because it produces creative stuff or it has media strength. The good relationship between ad-agency and clients mainly   depends on the appropriate selection of an agency by the clients and correspondingly, on a high degree of accountability by the agency to the clients.  Once such sustainability has been established through the selection process, initial adjustment, mutual respect and responsiveness the relationship will go on for many years without any disturbance. But, present scenario of relationship between these two not upto the  expectation because, different advertisers(clients) have different needs, but one factor that unites today’s clients is that they all demand accountability for the money spent on advertisement by the ad-agency on creation and delivery of advertisement.  This means a quantum of change in the industry affecting the traditional agency-client relationship.  Loyalty and tradition no longer derive choice of an agency.  Instead, return on investment makes up the bottom line.  Clients are constantly evaluating the work of their agency and its rival. This article critically examines the relationship binding and breaking   factors between the ad-agency and their clients by taking into consideration of the following two parameters:  i) the clients’ expectation from the agency and the level of satisfaction and ii) the ad-agency’s expectation from the clients.

Key Words: Advertisement, Ad-Agency, Client, Advertisers, Client Turnover, Agency Expectation, Clients Expectation, Ad-Agency-Client Relationship, Agency Accountability