Solid Waste Management - A Step towards Sustainable Development

Sumita Vyas

Rai Business School, Bhadbhada Road, Near Depot Square, Bhopal – 462003, India

Sustainable development is a concept. It underscores that rate of consumption of natural resources should approximate the rate at which these resources can be substituted. It further requires that a nation is able to satisfy its requirements – social, economic and others – without jeopardizing interest of future generations. Nature has been offering its resources and also serving as a receptacle for absorbing wastes for too long a time. Realization must come to us that nature today is fragile. Significant factors responsible for environmental problems are pollution, over-population, threat of diseases, unsustainable agriculture, global climate change, solid wastes generation and so on. This has, therefore, revealed the need for developing innovative solutions to these problems and one among them is Management of Solid Wastes. To this end, a step towards sustainable development is adopted in this paper by an approach for managing solid wastes to minimize its detrimental effect by employing various techniques.

Keywords: Solid Waste Management, Hazardous Waste, Sustainable Development, Global Climate Change, Unsustainable Agriculture, Environmental Management.