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Dr. A.N.Sarkar


Conference on

Global Climate


Global Climate Change, Emission Trading and Sustainable Energy Development 11-Nov 2009 Global Climate Change-2009- CLIMAT- 2009  

Hamburg University of Applied


Faculty of Life Sciences Lohbruegger Kirchstraße 65, Section S4, Room 0.34, D-21033 Hamburg/GER 

  Single Author
Dr. A.N.Sarkar


conference on

global climate

change (KLIMAT),

Hamburg, Germany

Sustainable Development through pathways of Mitigation and     Adaptation Actions to Offset Adverse Global Climate Change Impact 7-17 Nov, 2010 Climate Change and the Sustainable Management of Water Resources  

Paper is published in a Book: ‘In Leal Filho, W. (ed) "Climate

Change and the Sustainable Management of Water Resources”, pp XXY.Springer Verlag, Berlin

  Single Author
Dr. Shalini Verma

Global Conference

on Flexible Systems Management


Flexible in Employement

9-Dec 2011

Dr. Shalini Verma  

XIII International


Employees’ Extended Hours in the Organizations: An Ethics Perspective

3 to 5 Jan 2012

    Delhi School of Professional Studies and Research,India Habitat Center      
Dr. Ashutosh  National  Corporate Sustainability Reporting, Is it Effective?  Dec 2011  Emerging Issues of Corporate Social Responsibility    Symbiosis Law School, Noida Dr. Poonam & Dr. Veena Tiwari   
Dr. Ashutosh    National   Socio-Economic Collision of Toursim: A case study of Rajasthan  Nov. 2011  Tourism, Culture and Travel Literature   

Dept of tourism, govt of

Rajasthan, Centre for Tourism and Heritage Research, Dayanand College, Ajmer 

Dr. Pranav Sarasawat   
Dr. Ashutosh  National   Marriage and Live-In Relationships Insurance: A Business Idea  Jan. 2011  Marketing Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow   Asia-Pacific Institute of Management  Dr. Wallace Jacob   
Dr. Ashutosh    National   Ambush Marketing: Game within Game  Jan. 2011  Marketing Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow    Asia-Pacific Institute of Management       
Dr. Ashutosh    National  

Amalgamation of e-libraries and e- learning: challenges and opportunities

  Managing Libraries in New Information Environment   Asia-Pacific Institute of Management       


Poonam Kumar   

Emerging Management Techniques
 Economic Growth of a Country’
Research Paoer on Innovation in 3G technologies in India  17 Nov. 2011  Published in VSBM journal 



Vishveshwarya School of Business Management     First Author 


Poonam Kumar   

Innovation and Challenges in Management Practices  Portents and Prospects for Mobile Telephone Service: An Empirical Analysis on 3G -An INDIAN Experience  17-18 Feb 2012   


- 7419

Institute of professional studies 
Ms. Shyama   
Prof. Saurabh Mittal  International Conference on Green-IT & Open Source   Analytical Review of Green Information Technology in Present Scenario 20th - 22th Feb., 2010  Green IT & Open Source 




Singad Institute of Management & University of Pune 


Agarwal & Naidu Kishore

First Author 
Prof. Saurabh Mitta    International Conference on Technology and Business Management Review of Success of ATMs and Challenges for Modern Banking in Rural Penetration     16th - 18th March, 2010  ICTBM-2010 


on Website 

Institute of Management & Technology-Dubai, AIMS International Rashmi Agarwal,   Umander  Singh  First Author 
Prof. Saurabh Mitta    National Conference on Role and Applications of Information and Communication Technologies in Inaccessible Areas

Securing the Information Network 17th & 18th March, 2010  RAICTIA-10    Deptt. of Computer Sc. & Engg., GJUS&T, Hissar under UGC-SAP. Rashmi  Agarwal & Umander  Singh  Second Author 
Prof. Saurabh Mitta   National Conference On Climate Compatibility of Businesses in 21st Century   Green IT 23rd  & 24th Feb., 2010 

Climate Compatibility of

Businesses in

21st Century 

  Hindustan Institute of Computers & Management Studies, Agra   Rashmi  Agarwal   

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