E-Week- 2010

Shaurya, the E-Cell of Asia-Pacific Institute of Management, celebrated the Entrepreneurship Week from 9th February to 11th February 2010. This time the E-Week theme was “India: Opportunities Within” and events were primarily based on the theme. Shaurya organized three events during  the E-Week i.e. Paisa Builder (Venture creation with a very small amount), E-Click (photography contest based on entrepreneurial opportunity) and E-Junkies (based on product creation out of waste materials).

Paisa Builder was conducted on 9th February, 2010 where six teams comprising of 5 members each, participated in it. Each team was given Rs. 100 by Shaurya and Rs. 100 was contributed by the team members. The teams were given 3 hours to generate as much revenue as they could through a business idea. The teams collectively generated revenue of Rs. 3300 in the allotted time slot. The winning team from PGDM (IB) I year, created business venture of selling Bhelpuri in H-pocket, Sarita Vihar and in the Institute’s premises. They generated profit of approximately Rs.700/- after deducting all expenditure. The other teams of this event came up with ideas of selling Chocolates, Roses, Balloons, Coffee and some entertainment based Games. The presentation of Paisa Builder was organized in the Auditorium at 5:30 p.m. on 10th February, 2010. Our esteemed judges were Ms. Kalpana Sinha, NEN Consultant, New Delhi and Mr. Jitender Bhandari, Faculty of Economics & IB, Asia-Pacific Institute of Management.

On 11th February 2010, two events were conducted i.e. E-Click and E-Junkies. The venue was B.B. Verma Auditorium of the institute and the events started at 2:00 p.m. The honorable guests were Mr. Samar Vijay, Director, Invest Care and Mr. Ravindra Dabbiroo, Founder, ZICE Holidays. The guests gave an informative insight into the implications of entrepreneurship and the skills required to become an entrepreneur. Our Director, Mr. Dilip K. Banerjee also felicitated the esteemed guests by presenting a memento. The presentation of E-Click started at 4:00 p.m. E-Click was a photography event, where the 6 participating teams of 2 members each, were to take a photograph on the theme “India: Opportunities Within” and give a presentation on it. The soft copies of the beautiful photographs were displayed for everyone and the teams artistically justified their photographs with the theme.

E-Junkies, a waste management event in which the 10 participant teams comprising 4 members each, were asked to make innovative products out of waste materials. The products were made in the amphitheatre from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. on 11/2/2010. The presentation of E-Junkies started at 4:45 p.m. The teams were told to give a brand name to their product and to market it in front of the panel of judges. The teams made amazing products out of waste and presented before the judges. After E-Junkies presentation, the prize distribution ceremony was held for the various events, organized during the E-Week. The team from PGDM (IB) I year got the first prize in Paisa Builder whereas in E-Click, Trivendra Singh Verma and Ankit Mehta of PGDM-II year (Team no. 6) bagged the first prize by cleverly answering the questions asked by the judges. But the surprise element came for the winners of E-Junkies as they also got a sponsored holiday package by Mr. Ravindra Dabbiroo of Zice Holidays. Overall, the E-Week events witnessed a stupendous success and everyone including the honorable guests, faculty members, participants, Shaurya members as well as the students enjoyed thoroughly. The event was also covered by Newx Channel, a premier world-class English News Channel of INX network Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Samar Vijay, Director, Invest Care interacting with the students during E-Week

----( From Right)  Dr.DK Banerjee,Director AIM, Mr. Ravindra Dabbiroo, Founder, ZICE Holidays and Mr. Samar Vijay, Director, Invest Care
Students participating in E-Junkies