The E-Quiz

The Shaurya (E-Cell) of Asia-Pacific Institute of Management organized an E-Quiz in the Institute Auditorium on 19th January 2010. The quiz was based on business awareness and entrepreneurs. The Quiz started at 4:00 p.m. 9 teams comprising of 4 members each, participated in the quiz. The quiz started with the screening round in which 4 teams were eliminated. It was a written round and had 10 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) for every team. The teams were allotted 2 minutes to answer the questions.
After the screening round, 5 highest scoring teams were selected for the next rounds. 2 members from each team were called to play and the rest 2 members were the helpline for their respective teams. Few questions were asked to the audience also to enable their active involvement and interest in the quiz. The first round started with 2 questions per team and the lowest scoring team was to be eliminated. There was a tie between 2 teams and after the tie-breaker question was answered correctly by a team, the other team was eliminated. The last 2 rounds were played by the remaining 4 teams. The second round was the audio-visual round. It was quite interesting. The final round of the quiz was the Rapid Fire round. In this round, each team was asked to pick up a chit from the bowl and had to answer 5 questions related to the life of the entrepreneur whose name was written on the chit. At the end of these 3 rounds, the team which emerged as the winner was team No.7 with 70 points. Throughout the quiz, the teams sought help from their help liners. The event ended with the prize distribution to the winning team members by Prof. Chitranka Dalakoti.