Conference on
‘Entrepreneurship Development: Inspire, Empower, Connect’
With an aim of imbibing the know-hows of Entrepreneurship Development and bring together start-ups, aspiring and successful entrepreneurs to share their valuable insights, Shaurya, the Entrepreneurship-cell of Asia-Pacific Institute of Management, New Delhi in collaboration with National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN) organized a One – Day Conference on ‘Entrepreneurship Development: Inspire, Empower, Connect’ at its campus in Jasola on 20th January, 2011.

Mr. I.K. Kilam, Professor and HoD of Management, Faculty of Engineering & Technology, Manav Rachna International University, was the Chief Guest for the ocassion. This was followed by a panel discussion on “Idea Validation: Recipe for a successful venture”. The speakers for this panel discussion were Mr. Anirban Gupta from Dhriiti, Mr. Shwetank Jain from P2Power Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Ms. Uma Arora from IDAM Learning, Mr. Udit Bhandari from IndiMoto, Mr. Nishant Saxena from Elements Akademia and  Mr. Sumit Chaudhuri from Third Millennium Business Resource Associates Private Limited. The panel discussion was moderated by Prof. Shiladitya Dasgupta, a Faculty  in the area of  Entrepreneurship at Asia-Pacific Institute of Management.
Commenting on the importance of effective Entrepreneurship in his inaugural address, Mr. I.K. Kilamsaid, “Entrepreneurship is regarded as one of the important determinants of the industrial growth of the country. Today, it is very important to have an inner belief, the belief to succeed inspite of all odds. On a lighter note, it is said ‘Those who know, they do it; those who don’t know, they teach and those who don’t know and don’t teach, they preach.’ It is very important to read the success stories of entreprenuers like Jamshedji Tata, Narayan Murty, Dhirubhai Ambani and others and take inspiration from them. Such people have created history by being successful entrepreneurs with successful businesses. But it is also important to relate to middle-level entrepreneurship successess as their business ideas are reachable. “Middle level business successes”, are about general people from simple backgrounds making it big just because they had the courage and perseverance to follow their dreams. Being an entreprenuer is not an easy task as one has to meet up with failure every now and then. However what is important is the belief to succeed with a good business idea. Failure and success should be read and nurtured in the brain. What is necessary is the entrepreurial mindset, and the determination to build a successful enterprise.”
Welcoming the dignitaries and speaking about the foundations of entrepreneurship, Dr. S. N. Dash, Officiating Director, Asia-Pacific Institute of Management, said, “I heartily welcome all the dignitaries for the conference at our institute. We, at Asia-Pacific, have tried to develop the culture of organizing such conferences, as they provide a window to learn many aspects of managing a business organization. Quoted from the words of Thomas Alva Edison, “I have not failed but have found a thousand ways to how it doesn’t work.” So, failures are nothing but the pillars of success. It is the power of dreaming something big and build up the entrepreneurship spirit. As examples, we can quote stalwarts like M.S. Oberoi of the Oberoi Group of Hotels, Warren Buffet and others to show how perseverance and dedication had propelled their dreams to turn into reality. They never lost the vision to turn their dreams into realities even in hard times. The spirit of Entrepreneurship lies in everyone. What is necessary is the determination to carry on with the work, do something good and positive with the right mix of business acumen.
The purpose of this conference was to develop entrepreneurial mind-set among the students and give them a platform to connect with speakers of such high stature and gain as much as they can.