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Executive PGDM (General / Marketing)




AIM unique C & C Curriculum –putting knowledge into action

There is no short cut to success but fortunately there is AIM C&C Curriculum (Concept and Context Curriculum). AIM Academic Team has designed a curriculum that is just the powerful potion needed to put your knowledge into action. The Specially designed learning interventions in the curriculum help working executives to understand management concepts in context of real businesses and Industry situations. Powered by A Unique Concept and Context Syllabus, the C & C Curriculum equips the learners towards demonstrating their superior learning by “Solving real life problems in an actual work environment”.

The soul of the Concept and Context Syllabus is the vast repository of Action case studies. The Action Cases Studies provide rich basis for developing problem solving and decision making skills in a real work environment. It increases student’s ability to synthesize, evaluate and apply concepts learned. It helps them to organize and bring to life abstract and disparate concepts by helping them to make difficult decisions about complex business problems.

The Concept and Context Syllabus incorporates a range of real business scenarios and gets you ready for the real corporate world. So now at Asia Pacific Institute of Management working executives not only earn Premium Management Qualifications but also learn to “Apply and demonstrate their management and leadership capabilities at the work place”

LEAD - Learn, Engage, Apply & Develop (AIM Unique Learning Methodology)

Best Management Programs are designed to prepare students to be tomorrow’s Business Leaders. LEAD which stands for Learn, Engage, Apply and Develop, it is a great way to prepare students to be tomorrow’s business leaders. LEAD is AIM’s unique Learning Methodology and is perhaps the best blend of activities to learn on your own, Learn by engaging with experts and Peers, learning by Doing and Continuously Develop and Build your capabilities. Let’s describe the methodology and its components:

Learn: Students Learn from AIM vast and continuously enhanced repository of Self Learning Courseware. The Self Learning is both as per a prescribed time lines and anytime access to learning resources. Each Courseware meets the following Criteria:

o    Self-Explanatory: Learner should understand  content with No  External Support
o    Self-Contained: Learner may not need any additional Material
o    Self-Directed & Motivating: Guided Learning with hints, suggestions at each stage of learning.

Engage with Experts: This provides an opportunity to connect with AIM’s illustrious faculty members to further build on your understanding and clarify all doubts to gain confidence.

Apply: Students are provided ample opportunity to apply their knowledge in simulated real life scenarios. This is achieved by Guided Demonstrations, Mentored Discussions and Action Case Studies during Expert Connect session. Additionally AIM’s Action Assessments which constitute of smartly designed assignments and projects that hone your abilities to put knowledge into action.

Develop: Learning should be a continuous spiral going upwards. New Concepts and topics learnt today should build on the knowledge gained earlier. AIM programs follow this approach beautifully as students’ progress from one topic to the other and one subject to the next. Many learning activities in the program compel learners to draw from earlier learnt topics and synthesize them to develop new and greater understanding of business situations.



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