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Certificate Course in Statistical Analysis using IBM SPSS

Course Objective
Data is the new frontier of 21st century. According to a Harvard Business Report by Thomas H. Davenport  and D. J. Patil (2012) data science is going to be the hottest job of 21st century and data analysts have a very bright career ahead. From academic world to corporate sector, and from service and financial institutions like banks to market researchers the data is being used and treated in various ways  like  deriving business insight, understand consumer behaviour, exist-poll forecast or predict the outcome of football worldcup (Goldman Sachs did it and got surprized!),  develop objective plans for new ventures, study the brand image, or write a scholarly articles in high impact journals  and develop high quality thesis/project work. A good knowledge of quantitative data analysis is a sine qua none for progress in academic and corporate world. Keeping this in mind this course has been designed in such way that students, researchers, teachers and corporate professionals who want to equip themselves with sound skills of data analysis and wish to progress with this skill can learn it in in-depth and interesting manner using IBM SPSS Statistics-one of the earliest and most popular statistical data analysis software package till date. 
Lesson Outcomes
On completion of this course the participants will develop an ability to independently analyze and treat data, plan and carry out new research work based on their research interest. The course encompasses most of the major type of research techniques employed in academic and professional research which can be seen in syllabus. 

The focus of current training program will be to help participants learn statistical skills through  exploring SPSS and its different options. The focus will be to develop practical skills of analyzing data, developing an independent capacity to accurately decide what statistical tests will be appropriate with a particular kind of research objective. The course will not go into manual calculations and will focus only on the options provided in SPSS processor, for e.g., while demonstrating One-way ANOVA the manual calculation of between and within group variance will not be done, rather the focus will be on covering the dialogue options  provided by SPSS processor for One-way ANOVA like how to carry out contrast test, how to see trend in data, how to do post-hoc comparison, how to interpret and report obtained  F-ratio and how to carry out and report bootstrapping in case of One-way ANOVA. However, the major basic concepts and theoretical assumptions underlying each test will be discussed so that those who even have no background in research and statistics can master it. The program will also cover how to write the obtained output from SPSS in APA format. 

A love for data analysis and statistics, research aptitude and motivation to do good research work. 

Participants will be assessed on practical assignments and tests after the completion of training program. There will be both lab work and two personal assignments. One personal assignments will be a sort of research project that students have to pursue in such a way that after completion of program its suitable for publication in a good journal. Students are most welcome to bring their own data and problems for discussion in class.  Participants from corporate sector who are not interested in publication have to undertake projects based on simulated or already collected data. There will be one full test covering entire program and participants will be provided grade based on that. 

Target Audience: Graduate, master’s and doctoral level students, academic scholars and teachers, market researchers, independent researchers, corporate professionals who want to master the skills of data analysis, MBAs from HR, Marketing & Finance who are looking to switch into analytics sector or want to upgrade their career, students and scholars who are looking to go for international Masters or PhD program as such data analysis skills are must and can enhance your candidature. 
Number of seats: 10
Career  Prospects:
The trained participants have job prospect to grow as Research Associates with universities and institutions. For those looking to make a career in corporate sector they can work as Market Analysts or Statistical analyst/experts in psychometric and research companies. Academicians and researchers having problem with statistical and SPSS skills will benefit from developing an independent competency with SPSS.  
Graduate, Masters & PhD students Rs. 10,000/- 
PhD students with scholarship Rs. 15000/- 
Teachers, employed & corporate professionals Rs. 20,000/- 

Course Schedule:
Mid-December (10 days Intensive Training Program)

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