Socio Economic Status and Job Satisfaction of Women Employees in Textile Mills

K. Sabarinathan1 and R. Ganapathi2

1Department of Management Studies, S. N. R. Sons College (Autonomous),
Coimbatore – 641 006, Tamil Nadu, India
2Directorate of Distance Education, Alagappa University, Karaikudi. – 630 003,
Tamil Nadu, India



Today, many avenues of employment are available to women due to numerous technological developments. More awareness and consciousness are found among women and they compete in almost all the fields with men in India. Textile industry is one that attracts large number of women, offering them employment in various departments. A number of textile mills have been established throughout India. Dindigul district is one such district where many textile units are existing. To state specifically, most of the women members in the families are engaged in any one of the works related to textile industries in the district. But the working condition and the salary status of the women employees are yet to be probed in. Therefore, the researchers have made an attempt to analyze the socio-economic conditions and the job satisfaction level of the women employees in the textile mills.

Keywords: Human Resources Management, Textile Employees, Job Satisfaction, Socio-Economic Conditions, Women Employees, Dindigul District