Mediator Role of Customer Satisfaction in Between After-Sales Service Quality and Behavioural Intention: The Case of Electronic Appliances

T. Vanniarajan

N.M.S.S.V.N. College, Madurai – 625019, Tamilnadu, India


The intent of this paper is to investigate the effect of after-sales service quality on customer’s satisfaction as well as their behaviuoral intentions. The research was conducted among the consumers of electronic appliances in Madurai city, Tamilnadu. In total, 319 usage responses were utilized. The study confirms that the after-sales service quality influences the customer satisfaction, which in turn influence the behavioural intentions. The mediatory role of customer satisfaction is inevitable in between after-sales service quality and behavioural intention in electronic goods market. Hence, the study is intended to lay stress on the strategic role of after-sales service on the value-adding process of the total offering. The findings of the study reveals that the delivery and installation service quality are the improved antecedents of overall satisfaction. Both of these two service quality attributes have a significant and positive influence on the repurchase intention and positive word-of-mouth impact among the customers. The mediator role of overall satisfaction between the two service quality and the outcomes are higher than the direct impact of antecedents of overall satisfaction on the outcome of overall satisfaction in the case of Electronic appliances.

Keywords: Customer Satisfaction, After-Sales Service Quality, Behavioural Intention, Electronic Appliances