A. Thiruchelvi1 and M. V. Supriya2
Department of Management Studies, Anna University, Chennai - 600025, Tamilnadu, India
1E-mail: thiruchelvi_y@annauniv.edu,   2E-mail: mvsupriya@hotmail.com


Recent trends in testing the psychological aspects of employees has led to consider emotional intelligence as one of the main factors that determine job satisfaction. The study was carried out to test relationship between emotional intelligence and job satisfaction on the basis of the data collected from white collared employees working in the petroleum industry. The study revealed that there is a positive correlation between emotional intelligence (EI) and job satisfaction. The study also examined the variation of EI levels in genders and its role in job satisfaction. It was found that for both male and female employees EI is positively correlated with job satisfaction.

Keywords:  Emotional Intelligence, Job Satisfaction, Gender Bias.