T. Vanniarajan1 and S. Manimaran2
1N. M. S. S. V. N. College, Madurai - 625019, Tamilnadu, India
2S.N.A. College of Engineering and Technology, Dindigul - 624622, Tamilnadu, India
1E-mail: tv47@rediffmail.com


Importance of management information systems is identified in influencing the service quality. A model inter-relating these constructs in banking industry is proposed. Primary data has been collected from the bank employees in Madurai City in Tamil Nadu. The collected data were used to test the model using regression and path analysis methodology.  The result reveals that the important elements of information system (IS) are system quality, information quality, employee information system characteristics and technical support whereas the identified consequences are service quality and employee IS performance.  The system quality, information quality and employee characteristics influence the service quality in a positive manner but only through employee IS performance.  At the same time, the technical support alone influences the service quality directly.  The results suggest that employee IS performance contributes more to service quality with technical support.  Implications of this research for IS theory and practice are discussed.

Keywords: System Quality, Information Quality, Employee IS Characteristics, Service Quality, MIS