Are you an Admission struggler?

Are you an Admission struggler

Are you an Admission Struggler?

You have already been through the tough screening of the aptitude test and now it’s time for some more to come to new. Yes we are talking about the stressful procedure of getting into one of the best management colleges in India. It’s not just about the pain and hard work that you have gone through while preparing an aptitude test, but you would also have to handle the pressure of GD & PI. A lot of students find it difficult to shine through Group discussion and Personal Interview.

The fundamental of Group discussion is to test your listening skills, judging your knowledge on current affairs and understand how you present your view point in a logical manner. Your thorough understanding on above three points can help you to beat the stress of Group discussion. Be a good listener and understand other person’s opinion. Listening to others also helps in gathering more information about the topic. Speak only when you are ready with your thoughts. Also, don’t forget to arrange your thoughts in a sequential manner, so that your view point is understandable to others. Stay calm while presenting yourself during the discussion.

After Group discussion the last step is the personal interview. It’s all about how presentable you are. Right attitude and confidence can become the key to success. Speak your mind and just don’t pretend to be very formal. Be honest and speak sensibly. Think and speak positively with the interviewer.Do not overburden yourself with tips and trick. Just be yourself and stay confident and surely success will be yours.

Good luck and do your best!

Asia-Pacific Institute of Management is a leading CAT/MAT institute which is AICTE recognizedand is a participating institute of the respective management entrance examinations. Please follow the link to know more about Admission Procedure at Asia-Pacific Institute of Management, New Delhi.

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