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Statistics for MBA students.

Blog Author:-Dr.Kushal Banik Chowdhury Is it required for an MBA student to learn about statistics? The answer is ‘Yes’. A basic course on statistics is inevitable for an MBA program. Nowadays, managers in the business world face some important questions regarding their production and sales. What combination of features of a product is most desirable […]

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Students who enroll for an MBA programme are required to make PowerPoint presentations every now and then. PowerPoint presentations need to be made in a way that grabs the attention of the audience who is evaluating the student. As presenters students shouldn’t use PowerPoint presentations as note cards. A presentation is not meant for that […]

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Why PGDM in Marketing ?

Why PGDM in Marketing? Marketing is perhaps the core function of all businesses. The concept of marketing is undergoing rapid changes. Distances do not matter anymore, thanks to the explosive growth in information, communication and transportation technologies. Faced with tough global competition, success will come only to those organizations who keep abreast with the latest […]

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