"Dimensions of Power Trading in India"
 By Atmanand (Abstract)

" Children's Influence on Purchase Decision Making
By N.V. Sriranga Prasad and G.V. Bhavani Prasad (Abstract)

" Knowledge and Innovation in Global Business Scenario
By Dev Raj (Abstract)

" A Study of Organisational Climate of professional and Non-Professional Colleges
By Harish Shukla and D.P. Mishra (Abstract)

" S & P CNX Nifty Futures at NSE, India: An Empirical Analysis
By Prasanna Kumar Barik and M.V. Supriya (Abstract)

" The Chip Technology Management Implication in the Era of Globalization: Malaysian Consumers' Perspective
By Joan Lai PC (Abstract)

" Software Reliability: An Approach in Growth and Management of Reliability Engineering
By Ashish Pandey (Abstract)


Customer Is the King: A Manageral Perspective in Morden Banking Scenario
By S. K. Bose (Abstract)

Case Study

Modeling Credit Risk of Financial Instruments: A Case Study
By S. Chandrasekhar (Abstract)

Trade Watch

Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on the Export Performance of India, China and Malaysia
By B. Bhagwan Das (Abstract)

Research Note

Management of Working Capital in Small Enterprises in Bihar: An Empirical Study
By K.P. Singh and Kishori Pradad (Abstract)