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Experience Sharing

When I was shortlisted along with seven mates to travel to France and study one trimester in IDRAC it was like a golden opportunity for me and from that very moment my expectation with this exchange program was so high that I cannot express myself in words.

Stanley Jacob
PGDM 2016-18
It is such a good opportunity for me to come here at IDRAC in France. I had never thought of such an opportunity. But it is just becoz of my teacher "MM Haque" and my college "Asia-Pacific institute of management", I am here.
Besides this, Idrac helped me a lot to improve my skills and the areas in which i was lacking. The teachers here are also very helpful and teaches us at their best. They just not teach us infact they always try to connect everything with the real world which is the core aim of studying.

Charu Kharbanda
PGDM 2016-18
It gives me the opportunity to tell you that your students are well appreciated by the teachers, they got high praises from what I've heard.

Xavier Paulin,
International relations Officer, IDRAC, France
Studying abroad gave me the global exposure which is beneficial for me being the student of International Business. My experience at IDRAC is so nice as I’m learning the new ways to approach towards everything.
Interacting with foreign students and working with them will help to implement new techniques of learning and implementing them. I'm so happy to be here and learn. I would like to thank my college APIM, who gave me such a wonderful opportunity to explore and get this global exposure.

Medhavi Upadhyaya
PGDM 2016-18
Studying in IDRAC has given me a total different outlook on how you can approach studies, more practical, indulging, and brain stimulating as the classes expects you to analyse live cases of companies as their employees.
Throughout my time in abroad, my eyes have opened to the possibilities of different places around, the culture, art and food. Moreover, this experience has taught me a lot about myself which I think could have never otherwise, i am more confident and an independent soul now. I am so grateful for the experience and I think more such opportunities should be created.

Pallavi Acharya
PGDM 2016-18
IDRAC is one of the best institutes of management in France. I'm very thankful to APIM for sending me for student exchange programme for 4 months. I've found that student exchange is life changing experience to me and I had a great experience here on Lyon. More excitement and challenges made me to learn more and more. I became independent and self confident after coming here and had noticed the change in me.The first few days were very much exciting,terrifying and confusing but after passing some time I make myself fit for their curriculum.The interaction with professors and the students is very good. The way of teaching and the subject devlivery by the professors to students is awesome and one thing about them is they are very friendly to every students and help in every situations.Being here and experiencing the different culture, different language and different people has changed my way of thinking. We have the students from many countries in our class that is PGE-4 and shared many of our experiences each other about their culture, lifestyle, traditions and many more from them. Sometimes it's hard to believe that I'm far from my home but the days spent in France never come again in my life. There is little problem with the local language(French) but the god knows how we managed with the French people while time. One thing I've learned in exchange programme is Smart work that anyone can learn easily.

Vamshi Gabbula
PGDM 2016-18
It's been a fantastic experience coming to Lyon and to read at one of the finest school in France. IDRAC has got the faculty that are currently working in the top Multi National Company by which we get the theoritical knowlege get connected with the practical knowledge which sometimes make sense in theories. The examination​ pattern is simple here they don't demand to memorize everything, one can take the class notes during examination as the school just demands execution of ideas and they relay heavy of the presentation as they compose 80% of the marks of a subject.
People here are very humble and helpful. In my PGE-4 programme their are students from many part of the World that includes China,Russia,North Korea, Malaysia, Morocco, Ivory Coast, Switzerland, Germany,Mexico and almost all parts of France.
Besides studies, I visited many European Countries which give me a sense of understanding regarding the Culture and Heritage that prevails here and I can say that History is in Europe. Language and Food were the only barrier here as maximum of the people don't know English and food here doesn't include spices.
Lastly I want to thanks Asia Pacific Institute of Management and Professor Moon Moon Haque that gave me an opportunity to be a part of Student Exchange Program.

Kamran Ishteaque
PGDM 2016-18
It was an amazing experience to go abroad and study with new students of different culture. There were student from countries like Germany, South Korea, Poland, Morocco, China and many other countries. I was delighted to make new connections, make new friends, learn new language and cook new type of meals.
The learning experience was great, students were provided with practical exposure of how to deal with new people, how to manage time and money, how to be creative problem solver, solving practical problems while keeping in mind the business ethics and many more beautiful things that helped me to expand my horizon and knowledge. Al the professor at IDRAC were very helpful and taught us things in a way that would learned easily and could be beneficial in the future as a manager and now i can say that i am a better person with good communication skill and better financial ability as i managed my funds and got to know where i can save and where to invest.
One more thing is that i want to share is that this program added one more language in me and and my CV also i.e. French.
I would like to give a big thank you APIM and to Prof. Moon Moon Haque for giving me the opportunity for the exchange program. I would like to recommend it for the upcoming batch.

Vaibhav Batra
PGDM 2016-18
I am Charu Kharbanda, an exchange student from France who got an opportunity to study at IDRAC Business School. I have a lot of different dreams (I am a big dreamer), and one of my greatest dreams was to go to France, my great dream came true. I went to the France in January, and when I came to India in may, I was so excited about everything. Everything around me was so new, different, and interesting. I learnt a lot about France while I was staying there. I learnt about french culture, traditions, life style, markets and just everything. I made a lot of friends in the France and I made friends from other countries too. I met other exchange students with whom I became so close. Now I can say with pride that I have a lot of friends all around the world. I had a lot of great times, lot of fun and also I had some challenges that I think were just a part of my experiences and made me much more stronger. All these experiences in France were not just having fun, it was learning process about life. After this programme I m sure that I will be able to solve my problems and overcome challenges in my future on my own. I have became more independent. The life in France was just a great opportunity and great experiences. I also got a token of appreciation from IDRAC Business School for my Business Policy course.
I am very thankful to my Asia Pacific Institute of Management Faculty for providing me such an amazing opportunity and a special thanks to my’ MR. MM HAQUE Sir', who actually gave me this opportunity and was always very nice to us and helping us during our programme in France. And I am thankful to my HR ma'am ' MRS. NIDHI MAHESHWARI' who always supports and guides me for my future. My placement team, my Director. Chairman and all the professors who made me stand in this position.

Charu Kharbanda
PGDM 2016-18
I want to share my small success story that happened with me in IDRAC- Lyon.
During my second trimester in Asia Pacific Institute Of Management we got a task in Marketing Management that we have to make a report and presentation on any category of Product and in that I choose Idea as a Product. I made a report on a start up idea named BarCa which in short is all about online purchase of new goods and second hand goods through Barter or Cash.
One day one professor of IDRAC said us if any one of us have any​ start up idea.
I went and talked to him regarding BARCA and he was too much impressed with the idea and the concepts that was applied and after two meetings the professor said me in future he will definitely encourage some investors to invest in this project so that I can take this project to another level.
This small success happened only because of teachers like Professor Ritu Gupta Dutta, Surabhi Goyal and Moon Moon Haque who believed in me.
I just want to thank you Sir and Asia-Pacific Institute Of Management who gave me an opportunity to study abroad.

Kamran Ishteaque
PGDM 2016-18

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