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The Institute is in search of excellence in the field of management education. Its range of academic activities includes teaching, research,training consultancy so as to continuously create intellectual capital.

  This is our AIM

  Mr. Shuja U Zubery
Manager Training
  To be an AIMian, frankly speaking, wasn’t a piece of cake. Loads of applications did its due to the admissions. I could see the mistress on her toes shooing the naive kids from library to auditorium, to the discussion floors, day in and day out.

Recently, two voices from the dais raised in unanimity, one after the other, offering reassurance to the blank faces. The massage would be single - We are the best! I am sure just not trips off their tongues. These are the only voices that over accomplish the target of marketing our product and, it is none but the honesty and commitment in their tone that makes one to study the institute before they make mind to invest the hard earned buck of their parents with us.

The show begins with a knock check of mic in the hall filled0222 with generation x and its oft forgotten role models in the dress circle. All uniformed with ties hanging firmly centrally. They look too inquisitive to meet their futures sitting in order on the frilled dais beside the lady with the lamp in the corner waiting to light the lamp of knowledge. A warm welcome note by the head of the heads in the cool surroundings breaks the ice. It then was thronged with area wise preface notes by the esteemed chairpersons followed by a close up of the real people behind the show – the faculty.

In the sweeping majority of the right wing faculty, I often find myself on a lonely planet. ECS, a topping of every subject of the world, often ironically cuts trainers like me from the mainstream. Resultantly I become a product more user-friendly. Last but probably not the least, I get hold of mic, and since it was an exclusively pleasant afternoon with drops dancing with breeze, I wished the saplings a shower through their life.

Towards the end of the debut, life is back to audience again as it stands up and speaks. Some of them with quivering voice deliberated their gratitude while putting fingers crossed. A parent too somewhere in the midst sounded quite hopeful when we stressed that every creature had freedom of speech. No sooner the lone speaker stops than the silence breaks, hesitation disappears and energy is regained with a notion of a cup of high tea. The sight of hot junk food arranged through the milky white table cloths on the second floor was such mouth watering that people like me who generally abstain, decided to take a u-turn from cookies to have a field day. With cups and French fries in hands, guests slowly got on to their hosts. Soon, the atmosphere was filled with fragrance of beans and bonds along with a natural cheer that swept across the floor.

A firm foundation is laid now. Students’ basic understanding with the subjects they are going to dive off in a couple of subsequent years made. During the foundation courses, the guys come in a little closer contact with faculty. A paradigm shift from a large auditorium to our luxurious lecture rooms also helps build rapport between the two. It reminds me of my daughter’s school’s policy of dealing with child psychology. Having enjoyed vacations, the school reopens first on Thursdays to close down on the following weekends and then resumes fully. In the meanwhile children get on to the lost track. Our students too, I hope will not feel stuffy with assignments one after the other on the regular course.

Let there be an academic event and our center for corporate relations invariably steals the show. Induction too is not complete without a heart to heart dialogue with CCR. It is where the academy and corporate are elided. This season too traditionally witnesses a series talks by many an old hands of the industry and academia.

Back to the auditorium, I chose to introduce my honorable guests to the listeners one after the other over a week. Be it a VP of an up market training organization or a self styled consultant, moral of story is similar:

Khudi ko kar buland itna ke har taqdeer se pahle,
Khuda bande se khud poochhe bata teri raza kya hai.

Dr. Iqbal, a philosopher poet and great Indian nationalist in the above popular couplet wants you to prove yourself as outstandingly as it keeps your Khuda such happy with you that He makes your destiny the way you will. The best way to be in His good books is simple: Strive to succeed in this world and
the hereafter.