Student feedback is an appropriate way of ascertaining problem areas, identifying improvement areas, getting to know the expectations of students from the institute as also know the grievances of students.
Designing a student feedback cannot be a onetime measure. It requires continuous identification of student needs and their expectations from the institute, which are dynamic in nature. Certain basic expectations however remain more or less unchanged such as, good management education, good learning environment and good placement. Some expectations of students may be unrealistic, such as expecting a salary package comparable to students of Super League Institutes right now and students are required to be made aware of this. The Institute needs to carryout a periodic reassessment of the students expectations based on the environmental conditions existing, and then redesign the feedback system. 
A correct feedback gives an opportunity to the institute to enhance the satisfaction level of the students towards the institute. Student feedback may include the following areas:-

  1. Faculty feedback
  2. Physical infrastructure, including – Library, Computer lab, class room facilities, auditorium, amphitheatre and canteen.
  3. Industry interface, including – industrial visit, industry projects, guest lectures by people from industry etc.
  4. Placement

Faculty Feedback:
As per existing practice, students are required to carryout evaluation of the faculty teaching them, on a 5 point scale, on the following aspects:-

  1. Course structure and class preparation.
  2. Subject clarity and delivery
  3. Response to quarries
  4. Ensuring class participation
  5. Class control

Besides, the above marking students are encouraged give suggestions for further improvement regarding pedagogy and use of teaching aids by the faculty and their general level of comfort in the particular subject the teacher is handling.
Feedback on the functions of other people involved in administration and conduct of academic programme such as – Academic Department, Registrar, Programme Director and Project Coordinator, are generally also included by the students to indicate the extent to which these functionaries have worked to their satisfaction.
Note:  It is found that students who do not attend classes regularly and as a result get poor marks in their examinations often give poor feedback about their faculty. So to ensure fairness, feedback of only those students should be accepted whose class attendance state is at least 60% or above.

Feedback on Physical Infrastructure - Feedback could include the following:-

  1. Library – timings, preference of new books, types of new journals preferred, books and journals no longer preferred, books pertaining to hobbies and interests such as – public speaking, debating, music and dancing etc.
  2. Computer Lab – change or extension of timings, number of computers, internet facilities etc
  3. Class room Facilities – seating comfort, functionality of teaching aids, temperature and ventilation etc.
  4. Auditorium – Seating capacity, layout of seating, lighting and public address system.
  5. Canteen – Sitting arrangement, quality of food and snacks etc.

Feedback on Industry Interface

  1. Industry visit
  2. Organizing activities involving interaction of faculty and students with managers and senior executives from industry.
  3. Student project work with industry (especially summer project).
  4. Arranging for Guest speaker from industry.


  1. Organizing realistic mock interviews
  2. Role of faculty in preparing students for placement
  3. CCR functions for ensuring better placement of students
  4. Attracting better companies with better packages for Campus interview and placement