Editors Note Prof. Vikas Kumar  
The Global Software Industry Evaluating the Software Markets of the BRIC Nations John McManus 1-9
Emergency Communications during Natural Disasters: Infrastructure and Technology Nandana Rajatheva, Dinusha Gamage,  Kazi Ahmed and Poompat Saengudomlert 10-17
Service Quality in Banking with Special Reference to ICICI Bank Ltd., Tiruchirappalli District R. Amudha and C.Vijaya Banu 18-26
Asset Quality Based Ranking of Indian Commercial Banks – A Non-Parametric Approach Ram Pratap Sinha 27-37
Forecasting the Time Volatility of Emerging Asian Stock Market Index M. Selvam, M .Raja and P. Yazh Mozhi 38-51
Factors Hindering Managerial Effectiveness – A Study of Select Public and Private Sector Organizations Mohammed Abdul Azeem and Saneem Fatima 52-63
Defining Relationship Marketing: A review of Research C. Madhavaiah and S. Durga Rao 64-76
An Empirical Study of Corporate Social Responsibility in Supply Chains Mohd Nishat Faisal 77-83
Global Logistics Outsourcing: Latest Trends in Selecting 3PL Pravin Kumar 84-91
Work Values Scale: A Confirmatory Factory Analytic Study Shailendra Singh and Abhijit Bhattacharya 92-101
TGS Sensors in Electronic Nose for Multimedia Applications: A Practical Approach Syed A Imam and M R Khan 102-112
E-Learning: A Tool for Education in Rural India Abhiyendra Kumar 113-122
Book Review Ambika Sharma 123