Editors Note Prof. Vikas Kumar  
Assuring Input Quality under TQM Practices: A Comparative Analysis of Four Major Indian Passenger Car Companies Sanjeev Prashar and Sumeet
Singh Jasial
An Integrated Model of AHP and TOPSIS for 3PL Evaluation Pravin Kumar 14-21
Compliance Costs of Individual Income Tax Laws in India and Us: An Empirical Evidence Jaspal Singh and Poonam Sharma 22-35
The Dynamics of Capital Structure Isaya J Jairo 36-52
Empirical Testing of Strong Form of Market Efficiency
Deepak Gupta, Arti Anand and Rohini Singh 53-59
Investors’ Perception towards Capital Market Operations – An Empirical Study S. Renuga Devi and N. Bharathi 60-66
Day-of-the-week Effect: Further Empirical Evidence Kapil Choudhary and Sakshi Choudhary 67-74
Performance of the Indian Mutual Funds: A Study with Special Reference to Growth Schemes N. Lakshmi, Malabika Deo and B. Murugesan 75-81
Signaling in CNX Nifty Futures: A Perceptual Approach Prasanna Kumar Barik and M V Supriya 82-86
Comparative Study of Promotional Strategies adopted by Public and Private Sector Banks in India S L Gupta and Arun Mittal 87-93
Examining Rural-Urban Purchase Behaviour towards Washing Machines: An Empirical Study in Punjab Anand Thakur and B S Hundal 94-99
Potential of Bamboo in Sustainable Development Anu Gupta and Ajit Kumar 100-107

Barriers in Career Growth of Women Managers: An Indian Scenario

R. Sujatha 108-116
Effects of Working Environment on the Performance of Executives R. Ganapathi and M. Balaji Prasad 117-123
Corporate Governance Practices by Indian Corporates Hitesh J. Shukla 124-129
Book Reviews   130-133
Maya 2008 In Simple Steps Aashish Bhardwaj  
Managing Economics – Analysis, Problems and Cases Devendra Pathak  
Trading and Exchanges: Market Microstructure for Practitioners Shrinivas Shirur