Editors Note Prof. Vikas Kumar  
Benefits of Privacy-Enhancing Identity Management Simone Fischer-Hübner and Hans Hedbom 3-13
Integrating Talent Engagement as a Strategy to High Performance and Retention Saket Jeswani and Souren Sarkar 14-23
Determinants of Initial and Long-Run Performance of IPOs in Indian Stock Market Shikha Sehgal and Balwinder Singh 24-37
Testing Gibrat’s Law: An Empirical Evidence from Indian Industry Priyanka Aggarwal and Subhash Chander 38-52
Volatility of Indian Stock Market: An Emperical Evidence Aman Srivastava 53-61
Development of Plastic Cards Market: Past, Present and Future Scenario in Indian Banks Mandeep Kaur and Kamalpreet Kaur 62-74
A Comparative Study on TQM Implementation, among Certified and Noncertified Auto Component Manufacturers Lakshmi Jagannathan 75-81
Impact of Pharmaceutical Industry Promotion Mix on Doctor’s Prescribing Behaviour Girish Taneja 82-95
Modeling of Motor Vehicle Claims Using Extreme Value Methodology and Monte Carlo Stimulation: A Comparative Study S. Chandrasekhar 96-103
Relevance of Signaling and Smoothing Approaches to Dividend: A Study of Indian IT Sector Kanwal Anil and Sujata Kapoor 104-123
A Simulation Based Approach for Software Release and Support Management Vikram Singh 124-128
FDI in Retail Sector in India: Opportunities and Challenges in the Present Scenario Shradha Jain, Ravi Kumar Jain and A. K. Jain 129-134
Book Reviews   135-138
Rural Marketing- Concept and Practices Sadaf Siraj  
The Bottom Billion”, Why the Poorest Countries Are Failing and What Can Be Done About It Satish Kumar  
Strategic Communication in Business and the Professions Tulika Chandra