N. Bharathi*
*Department of Management Studies and Research, Karpagam University, Echanari,
Coimbatore – 641 021, Tamilnadu, India
*E-Mail : bharathi7781@yahoo.co.in, bharathi7781@gmail.com

It is the present trend that the number of women who prefer business as a carrier has significantly increased. The special characteristics of women like looking at business problems contextually, viewing than issues wholly then its parts are the requirements of the competitive world. Inspite of this the women entrepreneurs are prone to problems in their work culture. In this judicature empowering the women entrepreneurs is essential for achieving the goals of sustainable development. It is also necessary to eradicate the bottlenecks that affect their growth and ensure their full participation in the business. So the present study pays attention on the motivational factors, the level of satisfaction of the women entrepreneurs and the problems faced by them.