Editors Note Prof. Vikas Kumar  
Science, Engineering and Technology Education: Innovative Paradigm Shift S. Ahmad 3-13
Entrepreneurship and Innovation Vimala Veeraraghavan 14-20
Discovering Social Entrepreneurship Trilok Kumar Jain 21-34
Entrepreneurship and Development Challenges in Papua New Guinea Ravinder Rena 35-47
SMEs as Learning Organisations: A Study on Employee Emancipation in Central India Sumita Dave and Saket Ranjan Praveer 48-55
Entrepreneurial Characteristics and Behaviour emonstration - A Comparative Study between Small Scale Manufacturing Entrepreneurs and Service Entrepreneurs T.T. Srinath and M.V. Supriya 56-60
Barriers to Change: A Case Study of Selected Units of Southern Rajasthan Sunita Tanwar 61-66
How Empowering is Micro Entrepreneurship Developed through Microfinance? Prema Basargekar 67-76
Micro Finance - A Tool for Elevation of Social Entrepreneurship through Women Empowerment R. Amudha and C. Vijaya Banu 77-86
A Comparative Study of Opportunities, Growth and Problems of Women Entrepreneurs Pawan Garga and Rajesh Bagga 87-94
Influence of Motivational Factors on Women Entrepreneurs in SMEs J. Suganthi 95-104
Women Entrepreneurs: Motivational Factors and Problems (With Special Reference to Western Region in Tamilnadu) N. Bharathi 105-113
Role of Venture Capital in Spurring Innovation and Entrepreneurship Valeed A. Ansari and Ahmar Uddin Mohd. 114-119
Coping with Failure, Mental Health and Career Intentions among Failed Entrepreneurs S. Subramanian and M. Vinothkumar 120-125
Entrepreneurship as a Strategic Development Intervention to Accelerate Rural Development: The Case of Drishtee Anu Singh Lather, Shalini Garg and Sona Vikas 126-137