" Disentangling the Effects of Stock Returns, Equity Market Timing and Firm Specific Characteristics on Capital Structure
By Dr. Isaya J. Jairo (Abstract)

" Capital Markets and Poverty Alleviation
By Dr. D. Lazar Dr. A. Julia Priya Dr. A. Joseph Jeyapaul (Abstract)

" Measuring Performance Of Mobile Service Providers: An Application Of Data Envelopment Analysis
By Roma Mitra Debnath Dr. Ravi Shankar (Abstract)

" Customer Driven Product Development Through Quality Function Development (QFD)
By Dr. J. R. Sharma Dr. A. M. Rawani (Abstract)

" A Study Of Banks Performance In India: Fundamentals Versus Stock Market
By Dr. Prakash Singh (Abstract)

" New Algorithms For Permutation Possibility Behavior Of Some Irregular Multistage Interconnection Networks
By Rinkle Aggrawal Himanshu Aggarwal (Abstract)

" If It Glitters, Is It Gold? Scale Evaluation In Marketing Research
By Sharad Saxena Darshan Parikh (Abstract)

Review note

" Corporate Governance And Accountability
By Dr. A.K. Chakrawal (Abstract)

Case study

" A Harvard Professor And A Casino In Las Vegas
By Prof. S.S. Desai (Abstract)