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Asia-Pacific Institute of Management

Gunadarma University, Indonesia

Gunadarma University, Indonesia
Asia-Pacific Institute of Management, New Delhi is a well-known global brand as far as quality management education is concerned. The premier top ranked management institute in Delhi-NCR is characterized by regular international collaborations with various institutions globally. The management institute gives high importance to such academic international collaborations which include campus exchange programmes, faculty exchange programmes and international study tour for our students.

Asia-Pacific Institute of Management, New Delhi has recently made a major international educational collaboration by signing a memorandum of understanding with Grant Gunadarma University, Indonesia. This memorandum encompass broad range of activities including study opportunities for visiting and international students, exchange programmes for faculty, students and staff, articulated student transfers and joint research activities.

To create a new light future materially and spiritually would be an agony. All strength given to face all challenges comes toward. Nevertheless, all successes achieved will come around to us to justify senses. To grow righteous and well educated man, tough mentally and spiritually. Through these words, we can find the true meaning and the role of an education institution as one of media to produce worthwhile man and hopefully would contribute for the growth of nation. With these thoughts, Gunadarma Education Foundation was established in 1981. Starting its role by opening a computer education called Computer Science Education Program that later turn out to be Indonesia Computer & Science Academy, and then was change into Gunadarma Computer and Informatics Management High School and additionally Gunadarma Economic High School completed the emerge of this foundation. The dedication doesn't stop, the foundation keep adjusting the form of the education institution to be a University that later was established by a decree from General Director of DIKTI No. No.92/DIKTI/Kep/1996 dated 3rd April, 1996 about the merger of Gunadarma Computer and Informatics Management High School and Gunadarma Economic High School into Gunadarma University.

Asia-Pacific Institute of Management, New Delhi is among top Business School in Delhi-NCR. Established in 1996, Asia-Pacific Institute of Management ranks amongst the top Business schools across the Country. The latest Business Today - MDRA survey ranked us "5th" amongst private B-Schools in North India (8th amongst all B-Schools in North India).

Asia-Pacific Institute of Management
is a top ranked Business School in India. The
latest Business Today - MDRA survey 2017
ranked the Institute 9th amongst all B schools
in Metro City (Delhi NCR), and 11th amongst
all B schools in North Zone of India.



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