Our Proud Alumni



- Pursuing Doctoral Programme - South Carolina, USA
Greetings to the prospective students of APIM. I attended the APIM in 1998-2000. This has helped me in gain good insight into the corporate world not only in India but here in the US also. I had come in search of top MBA colleges in Delhi. After a lot of considerations, eventually chose to be a part of APIM and today I am proud of being an APIM alumnus The faculty is well versed in their respective fields. I offer my gratitude to Dr.Arun Dravium for his continuous unflinching encouragement in helping me further my career even here in USA. My advice to all the prospective students is that aim high, big dreams and you will succeed in life. Your education and hard work will always pay off; it is only a matter of time. There are many students like you, here in the U.S. and India, who have come to realize their dreams. So it is alright to persevere. With Asia Pacific and under the guidance of Professor Draviam I can say that you are in good hands and rest is up to you to perform. Good luck to you all in your current and future endeavors. Go Asia Pacific! With Best Wishes, Garima Bhandari


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