With a track record of 100% placement of all its students since its inception, the Asia-Pacific Institute of Management, New Delhi, is not only one of the best PGDM/MBA institutes in terms of placement but is also a top-ranked B-school in India in every parameter.

In this fast-changing world of emerging industries and an evolving future, apt knowledge and skills are necessary to help one strive and succeed. Taking this cue, the Asia Pacific Institute of Management has been imparting world-class education to all its students, with the right balance of academic and non-academic skills. We are one of the Best PGDM Colleges in India and have helped drive progress in all forms. Since its inception, the institute has provided high-impact learning and empowered students with corporate skills and professional knowledge.

Our various courses are facilitated by expert faculties who are industry professionals and understand corporate and students needs and priorities. Asia Pacific leverages extensive resources to deliver a robust, thoughtfully designed curriculum to the students that are tailored to competitive industry standards and needs.

Asia Pacific Institute of Management is a leading institute for PGDM in Delhi and is constantly ranked among the top business schools in Delhi, NCR. We teach students to create solutions to various business and corporate challenges.

Our well-designed courses provide students relevant and informative materials, real-world experiences, and leadership opportunities at all levels. They aim to align with global business trends and the future of business and management and provide hands-on, industry-focused experiences. As one of the best PGDM colleges in Delhi NCR, we believe in giving students a balanced exposure to research, theory, academics, and practical aspects. To provide superior knowledge and skills, we have a team of experts to guide you at every step.


Students across all PGDM programs represent a variety of industries, business disciplines, and backgrounds. Our programs are thoughtfully built to incorporate intense and collaborative learning. Career development and placement are conducted with a professional approach. We provide the best PGDM courses in India that are well-inclined for skill development and implementation.

All our programs focus on teamwork, hands-on experience, academic excellence, skill development, and career progression. Our collaborative environment celebrates limitless thought and is based on an ideal blend of theoretical knowledge and practical learning opportunities.

From the experience that our students have today, we can proudly claim that our academic delivery is 100% interactive. Asia Pacific, one of the best PGDM colleges in India, has empowered many lives, making so many students and working professionals successful.

About Us

Asia Pacific Institute of Management is the Best PGDM Institute in Delhi, India, offering students limitless opportunities to pursue their broad interests and career prospects. The institute offers graduate and postgraduate courses in management.

Our students emerge with demonstrable leadership skills, making them highly valuable and celebrated by top national and international organizations. Being among the top PGDM institutes in India, our experienced and learned faculty bring a great knowledge bank and teachings to the classroom and enable students to hone their business knowledge and understanding to become leaders who can craft realistic yet creative solutions. The curricula in our programs ensure that our students have flexible skills for today's ever-changing business environment while providing ample opportunities to focus on their specific career interests. We are focused on transforming the capabilities of our students and preparing them to take heights in their new phases of life.

Asia Pacific is a super-specialised institution whether you choose an MBA or PGDM. We understand the dynamic industry requirements in every field and bring in the best industry partners to expose the students to the latest technologies and concepts. The institute also has a strong alumni network working in different industries and sectors worldwide.


1. What is PGDM?

PGDM stands for Postgraduate Diploma in Management, providing students with the knowledge needed in the corporate world. It is a two-year, full-time programme that covers management topics. It has a curriculum designed by the institution, keeping in mind the latest trends and market demand so that students can be placed well.

2. Why is PGDM considered better than the MBA?

PGDM is considered to be better than MBA due to its flexibility, soft skills, and industry exposure, which is rigid and standardised compared to MBA. The course is based on industry trends and demands and offers a wide range of specialisations from which students can choose based on their interests. Comparatively, the PGDM provides many job opportunities due to its latest curriculum.

3. Which has more value? MBA or PGDM?

MBA is an older version of the PGDM programme, and both are incredibly beneficial courses. However, there are some distinctions to consider when deciding which is best for you.

PGDM courses are more industry-oriented and practical than MBA courses, which are more theoretical. Most industries prefer the PGDM over the MBA because it provides more exposure to the practical world through real-time projects and assignments. Because PGDM programmes are designed with the most recent industry trends in mind, there are more job opportunities. As the world changes rapidly, PGDM deals with the most recent developments to help students succeed in life.

If you desire, the MBA and PGDM programmes will provide you with excellent opportunities. Now it's up to you which path you take, but Asia Pacific always ensures that you reach new heights in whatever you do.


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