Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Big Data Analytics)

PGDM - Big Data Analytics

The Asia Pacific Institute of Management in New Delhi offers an AICTE-approved two-year full-time Post Graduate Diploma in Management (big data analytics).
The programme emphasizes the significance of data analytics for businesses. Students are taught fundamental managerial concepts such as big data, data-driven decision-making, and case studies and gain hands-on experience with various analytical software and tools for data visualization, reporting, data manipulation, and statistical analysis. The PGDM in data analytics programmes teaches the participants about skills, technologies, applications, and processes needed to work as business analysts and data scientists in the industry.

PGDM - BDA Programme

This PGDM programme introduces students to statistical concepts, data management, big data analysis, and the development of intelligent systems using emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, blockchain, and related tools, techniques, and algorithms.

Data is becoming increasingly crucial in strategy and decision-making in today's globalized business environment, from the boardroom to the local shop floor. The primary emphasis is on providing students with hands-on training in all major software tools currently in use and working on actual industry projects.

The PGDM programme is a job-oriented, demanding programme that improves students' career prospects.

Programme Objectives

  • To familiarize students with the growing role of big data analytics and PGDM in data analytics in managerial decision-making at various levels of management.
  • Developing analytical skills for various data-driven industries such as e-commerce, banking and financial services, customer relationship management, operations, the supply chain, and healthcare, among others.
  • Developing analysis and synthesis frameworks for analytical models, strategies, and their deployment in various industries through PGDM data analytics.
  • Enhancing skills to prepare students to work in technologically driven environments.
  • Developing optimal data-driven, innovative strategies for organizations or businesses

Account detail for Fees Payment-

Account Number 004601054460
Branch Name New Friends Colony, New Delhi-110025
Account Type Saving Account
Payable City New Delhi
IFS Code ICIC0000046
The application form costs Rs. 1200 for the PGDM big data analytics Programme.

Fee Composition: Tuition fee, library charges, computer lab charges, internet charges, books, and fees for other activities such as placement activities, seminars, workshops, conferences, etc.

Fee Payment Details: The Fee can be paid by demand draft drawn in favor of "Asia-Pacific Institute of Management" payable in "New Delhi". The student must write their name and phone numbers on the back side of the demand draft and send it to the address of the Institute. Alternatively, students can also deposit the fees by RTGS or NEFT to the credit of the Asia Pacific Institute of Management.

The PGDM-BDA programme course fee at the Asia-Pacific Institute of Management is considered one of the best among B-schools in the Delhi-NCR region; it includes tuition and other related costs.

Essential courseware will be provided to the students from the well-stocked book bank of the campus library for the duration of the course on a returnable basis. The academic fees are payable in installments, as the admission offer letter communicated.

Postgraduate Diploma in Management (Big Data Analytics)

A Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM in big data analytics) is a 2-year full-time diploma course offered by the Institute recognized by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), Ministry of Education, Government of India.

Programme Structure and Credits: Course and Credit Briefings

The programme structure and credit for the Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM in big data analytics or PGDM in data analytics) are designed as per AICTE. The concept of credits is used to indicate the number of in-class contact hours in a course and thus to define the weighted average of a course. One credit equals 10 in-class contact hours. The rule of thumb is that a 3.0 credit course involves around 100 hours of work-30 hours in the classroom and the rest for preparation and assignments.

Asia-Pacific Institute of Management students must do 102 credits (in total) for the PGDM ( Post Graduate Diploma in Management ) award. Out of the required credits, 90 credits come from classroom teaching and the balance 12 credits from summer internship & Project work on big data analytics.

Year and Term Wise Credit Course Structure

First year
Term-1 21 credits (core)
Term-2 24 credits (core)
Term-3 24 credits (18 credits from Core courses + 6 credits from Electives)
Second year
Term-4 21 credits (Electives)
Term-5 12 credits (Electives)
Term-6 8 credits
TOTAL 110 credits

Summer internship Programme (SIP) & Project work is a complementary component of the PGDM-BDA programs.
Courses in PGDM-BDA

Courses and Credits

PGDM Courses Number of credits
First year (I, II, III terms) 61 credits of core courses
Second year (IV, V,VI terms) 29 credits of electives
Internship/ field work/Project work 12 credits
Total 101 credits

The Courses & their Area along with their Credits offered to the students in the First Year is mentioned below:


S.No Name of the Course Area Credits
1 Basics of Data Science Data Analytics 3.0
2 Business statistics Statistics 3.0
3 Marketing Management-I Marketing 2.0
4 Human Behaviour in Organizations OB & HR 2.0
5 Data Analytics for Decision Making Analytics 3.0
6 Quantitative Techniques QT 3.0
7 Managerial communication Communication 3.0
8 Financial Accounting Finance & Accounting 2.0
Total Credits 21.0


S.No Name of the Course Area Credits
1 Written Analysis and Communication Communication 3.0
2 Data Exploration with Analytical Tools Information Technology 3.0
3 Management Technology Systems (MIS) Information Technology 3.0
4 Marketing Management-II Marketing 3.0
5 Human Resource Management OB & HR 3.0
6 Organizational Design and Change OB & HR 3.0
7 Business Research Methods QT & OM 3.0
8 Cloud Computing & HPC Applications Information Technology 3.0
9 Operations Management QT & OM 1.0
Total Credits 24.0


S.No Name of the Course Area Credits
1 Languages & Tools of Data Science Analytics 3.0
2 Data Visualization Information Technology 3.0
3 Digital Commerce Information Technology 3.0
4 Project Management QT & OM 3.0
5 Strategic Entrepreneurship and New Age Business Models Strategy 3.0
6 Applied Programming Analytics 3.0
7 Elective-1 Advanced Analytics Analytics 3.0
8 Elective-2 Web Analytics Analytics 3.0
Total Credits 24.0


S.No Name of the Course Area Credits
1 Business forecasting Analytics 2.0
2 Descriptive Analytics Analytics 2.0
3 Predictive Analysis with Modeling Analytics 2.0
4 Digital Economy and Emerging Business Models Analytics 2.0
5 Data Analytics Using R Analytics 3.0
6 Artificial Intelligence in Business Analytics 2.0
7 Marketing Analytics Analytics 2.0
8 SIP Analytics 6.0
Total Credits 21.0


S.No Name of the Course Area Credits
1 Advance Data Visualization Analytics 3.0
2 Data Mining and Business Intelligence Analytics 3.0
3 Advance Prescriptive Analytics Analytics 3.0
4 Machine Learning Analytics 3.0
Total Credits 12.0


S.No Name of the Course Area Credits
1 Block chain and its Business Application Strategy 1.0
2 Big Data using Spark Analytics 1.0
3 Data Analysis with Python (project work ) Analytics 6.0
Total Credits 8.0


From Term-3 in the First Year, students will be required to undertake Elective courses. A student enrolled in the PGDM (BDA) program, is required to complete 47 credits from the Elective courses spread over Term-3 to Term-6 in the Second year of the Two Year Program.

In order to provide the opportunities to students to specialize in their Area of choice, each sentient area will offer Elective courses. The Sentient Area may specify certain Elective courses as Specialization Area Pre-requisite (SAPR) courses that must be taken by those students who have chosen that Area to Specialize in.

The Elective courses will be offered by the following Sentient Areas:

  • Advanced Analytics
  • Programming with Python
  • Business forecasting
  • Descriptive Analytics
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Digital Economy and Emerging Business Models
  • Data Analytics Using R
  • Artificial Intelligence in Business
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Data Visualization for mangers
  • Data Mining and Business Intelligence
  • Advance Prescriptive Analytics
  • Machine Learning
  • Block chain and its Business Application
  • Data Warehouse and SQL
  • Data Analysis with Python (project work).
  • Advance Data Visualization
  • Big Data using Spark

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is PGDM in Big Data Analytics?
Ans. The Postgraduate Diploma in Management in Big Data Analytics is a programme designed to train students in big data analytics. The programme is intended to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to analyze large amounts of complex data using specialized tools and techniques.

2. How is PGDM in Big Data Analytics different from PGDM in Data Science?
Ans.While both the PGDM in Big Data Analytics and the PGDM in Data Sciences are focused on analytics, they have some differences. The main distinction is that the PGDM in big data analytics focuses on analyzing large data sets using tools and techniques. In contrast, the PGDM in data science is a broader curriculum that includes data management, statistics, and machine learning topics.

3. What career roles are offered in PGDM in Data Analytics and PGDM in Data Science?
Ans.Big data analytics PGDM offers roles such as data analyst, business analyst, and data engineer. The PGDM in data science prepares students for various data science careers, including data scientist, machine learning, and data analyst.


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