5 Benefits of an Internship Program for a Management Student

In today’s competitive world, effective classroom education is vital to develop the next generation of innovators and creative thinkers. And especially, when we are talking about management students the practical application of classroom education is the most important factor. Nowadays, only theoretical understanding of subjects doesn’t fulfill the real world scenario and classroom education must be supported with the application based learning techniques.

Practical knowledge is essential in management education to provide in-depth and complete understanding of the concepts by exercising and experiencing the same.  In a PGDM curriculum, summer training or internship is a kind of practical based learning. The internship experience will help you understand what corporate world is, how it functions and how you need to sustain at work place along with other required skills.

In management education, effective learning can be promoted by offering a kind of exposure in the form of internships to students to transform their experience of studying. Internship is a very crucial tool to boost a candidate’s competitiveness and it holds utmost importance in every PGDM program and makes candidates more competitive in the job market.

In today’s era of rapid globalization, it is imperative that a student should always consider colleges and universities offering better internship and placement opportunities to its students. Most of the top PGDM Colleges in Delhi/NCR assist their students with their internships and placements owing to their strong corporate tie-ups and alumni networks. So as a student, you should always look out for colleges that have been continuously offering outstanding placements to their students; in our case, since our inception, we’ve been providing 100% placements to our students. Here’s more information about our 2016-18 batch placements – https://asiapacific.edu/placed-students-2016-2018  

Now, let’s read about the top 5 benefits of internships provided by top MBA / PGDM Colleges in India:

Exposure to real world knowledge and skills

If you are lucky enough to gain a good internship experience, it will prove to be highly beneficial for your career growth.  It offers an exposure to real-world problems and issues that perhaps cannot be taught in classrooms. This experience will help you sharpen your interpersonal skills, communication, leadership and problem-solving skills. It will give you an opportunity to meet new people currently working in the field which eventually gives on the field exposure and help you to gain valuable references, as well as getting exposure to the working environment in a corporate world.

Strengthen professional network

Internship is an excellent way to embark on a professional journey and an opportunity to develop meaningful professional connections. During your internship you will get a chance to expose professional connections within the company or outside of the company. Never miss the chance to discuss your future goals with professionals and try to approach them on social media sites and do ask their referrals for new job opportunities.

Professional growth

Internships go a long way in opening promising avenues for students to build on their knowledge and skills at the same time and even boost their chances of getting employed in the future. With an internship, you’re almost given the opportunity to showcase your skills, talents, commitment and value to an employer. It is a golden ticket to get your foot in the door with a company and you just need to prove yourself on a professional front to get hired by the employer after completing your PGDM Program.

Add value to your resume

Internships are simply the perfect way to add value to your resume through relevant experiences. Any kind of work experience on your resume is always a value addition and will definitely make a better impression on your potential employers. The more relevant experience you acquire, the better will be your positioning in landing a good job. It will help you convince your employer that you can prove to be an asset to their company.

Effective work Experience                    

Internship gives you a practical experience of working in the industry of your choice and equips you for real job. You will have hands-on opportunities to work with equipment and technology that may not be available on your campus. The work experience help you gain adaptability and creativity in a dynamic world.

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