5 Great Careers in Banking and Finance

Do you dream to become the next Raghuram Rajan of India? Or wish to become the next top Financial analyst of the country?

If yes, then Banking and Financial sector is the right sector for you to join professionally and do remarkably well in it. Asia-Pacific Institute of Management, New Delhi trains its students to explore the size of the banking and Financial sector and the diverse career opportunities it offers.

Skills Required For a Banking Career

  • Customer Dealing ability.
  • People with patience.
  • People good with numbers and accounting.
  • Good Analytical Skills.

Eligibility – The minimum age group for entry into officer cadre is 21 years and maximum is 26 years or above as decided by the individual banks. Educational qualification of 55% marks is required.

We list below a few lucrative career options you could pursue after a Banking and Finance Management program

  1. Financial Analyst– One who manages and advices people and businesses in making investments is a Financial Analyst. As a money expert, he has to conjure up plans for investments through stock markets, bonds or other investments. A Financial Analyst gets information from the stock market and the company annual reports analyses it and then decides for individuals or companies to invest or not to invest. A FA engages with top organisation leaders, write reports giving their opinion on industry trends and investment opportunities available.
  • Business Analyst– Like a Financial Analyst, a business analyst analyses an industry, its methods and operations and evaluates the business model that would serve the best given the circumstances and trends. A business analyst works as the bridge between problems or issues within the business and its plausible technological solutions. He seeks to evaluate business solutions with the help of technology.
  • Financial Accountant– They handle the accounts of a business to ensure they are correctly managed and distributed. Their job is to analyse different aspects of a business, evaluate important Financial standpoint and provide the results to the board and the shareholders of the company. Major investment decisions of the company are based on the work of the Financial accountant. Financial analysts too make investment decisions based on the reports created by the Financial accountant.
  • Loan Officers– Businesses need loans from time to time in their different capacities. It is the job of a loan officer to help the individuals and organisations by first evaluating their creditworthiness and then helping them with the most suitable type of loan. Banking and Finance specialists can work in this field as well. Loan officers lend their expertise to the banking sector, individuals and organisations in this capacity.
  • Relationship Officer –  To perform all sales related activities for existing and potential customers to achieve the assigned Financial targets.
  • Data Researcher– Play a role as a part of team to deliver and maintain accurate, complete and timely data sets while taking into account the business units global interests and needs internally & externally.

Banking and Financial Management provide one of the most lucrative career opportunities with high growth prospects. If growth is what you are targeting and if finance and investment is your cup of tea, then you must explore career opportunities at Financial institutions. Use the expertise of Asia-Pacific Institute of Management, New Delhi to carve your career in these exciting fields.