5 International Collaborations AIM Is Proud Of

A college is the right place to provide international exposure to the students. This exposure is beneficial for the students in terms of their package, career growth and recognition. Asia Pacific Institute of Management is one of the best PGDM colleges in Delhi, equipped with various facets and collaborations for the students. We offer a very comprehensive curriculum to the students, which is committed to impart world-class education.

Our college is rightly regarded as the best PGDM college in Delhi/NCR, as we ensure that all the students here gain the right exposure and skills to deal with the competitive world that lies ahead. The excellence of courses offered in the institute set a benchmark for the various generations ahead of it. Ever since its inception, our college has always endeavoured to develop strategic alliances with the leading institutes and universities in the world, which have good repute in the education world.  

The various international collaborations the college has:

  • IDRACs International School of Management, France: The agreement between these two renowned colleges includes student exchange programs and faculty exchange programs. 
  • Grant MacEwan College of Canada: This memorandum covers a broad range of activities, including study opportunities for visiting and international students, Students and faculty exchange programmes, and articulated student transfers with research activities.
  • Gunadarma University, Indonesia: This exchange program helps in further strengthening of the bond between the two institutions and pave the way for more powerful and research-oriented exchange programs.
  • Oklahoma State University, USA: Oklahoma State University is one of the highest-rated veterinarian colleges in the USA and collaborating with them has opened new and fruitful doors for AIM.
  • University of Northern Iowa: They started a proud association with the University of Northern Iowa, USA, ranked second in the category “public regional universities (Midwest)” by U.S. News & World Report.

One can enrol today to be a part of an institute of such great repute and take the benefits of these collaborations and tie-ups. You can visit our college website for more information and details about the upcoming admissions.