5 MBA Skills Most Valued by B-Schools During Admissions

We have always seen the skills and knowledge parameters necessary for getting great jobs and careers ahead, but not many have given a thought to the skills required for admission to a B-school. Yes, for the interviews and GDs happening at the time of PGDM/MBA admissions, there are certain skills one needs to brush up on forgetting the admissions. 

Management graduates are expected to critically analyze the challenges with great solutions and need to possess commendable communication and team skills. Let’s have a look at a few of these essential and crucial MBA skills.

  • Motives: Every person has certain aspirations and motives for pursuing things. These drive the cause of people’s actions. A PGDM aspirant is expected to be driven by motives associated with business management, entrepreneurship, corporate leadership domain. Motives are the strong indicators of how well a candidate can complete management education and start pursuing a career in management. These are assessed thoroughly at the time of personal interview and are a great way to determine the suitability of the candidate. 
  • Self-Awareness: This refers to one’s understanding of his/her motives, preferences, and personality dispositions. Candidates who possess a good level of self-awareness know their strengths and have plans to develop the knowledge, skills, and mindset required for the successful pursuit of a career in management. 
  • Skills: Skills refer to the ability of students to perform various physical as well as mental tasks. The various skills that are appreciated and looked for an MBA admission are:
    • Oral and written communication skills
    • Critical thinking & problem-solving skills
    • Team skills in order to collaborate the team members in analyzing the problems and solving them
  • Knowledge: Knowledge refers to the amount of information a candidate has in specific content areas.  B-Schools expect the candidates to possess knowledge about business, society, culture, people, politics, environment, and technology.
  • Global Orientation: Students are judged and assessed on their cross-culture awareness and networking skills as these things form the core of the current corporate scenario. Basic global orientation is necessary for standing your feet high among various global giants. 

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