5 Ways In Which Work Experience Influences PGDM Selection By Colleges

5 Ways In Which Work Experience Influences PGDM Selection By Colleges

Post-graduate is a tough feat to crack, and one finds it difficult to find the right balance between rigour and relevance. Management as a formal course comprising studies in disciplines such as economics, finance, marketing, sales, psychology, and behavioural sciences etc. The management course is offered in many different models with a duration of anywhere between 12-24 months. 

Though it is a management course and is taken by graduates right after their graduation from college, many choose to get on with this course after catering to work-experience of several years. An experienced individual would have been exposed to some phases of decision making and skills in the organization and therefore would be tuned to accept, adapt to and learn with reality from her surroundings. By working in an organization, one acquires both explicit as well as tacit knowledge at the same time. 

Selecting the right college is all about the right decision-making and what one looks forward to in the future for himself/herself. Thus, it becomes imperative and all the more crucial for working individuals to choose a college for a post-graduate course. Good business schools always give priority to the students with past experience along with:

  • Basic academic, aptitude and communication criterion fulfilled
  • The experience is presented in a positive light

Talking about work experience and its influence on the selection in PGDM colleges

let’s look at some of the scenarios that need the focus.

  • Too Many Organizational Switches: If the candidate is seen to change several organizations in a shorter duration of time, it is seen as a lack of stability and adaptability. This lack of adaptability could cause disharmony in group dynamics during the course of program.
  • Internships Or Experience In One’s Own Organization: These types of experiences are short termed and are catered more towards learning. However, the applicant must demonstrate that the environment was professional and educative.
  • Too Much Of Work Experience: More than 7 years of work experience is generally a positive criterion for executive PGDM. Though learning has no age bar and one can enrol in a management course at a given point in time, one should look for all the positives and negatives of doing so. The desire to learn and excel, compatibility, adjustments, time management, etc are some of the basic skills one is required to manage after so much work experience. 
  • Too Niche Work Experience: Applicants with too niche experience in sectors such as merchant navy, education, or with individual contributor roles such as artist, trainer etc., will need to pay special attention to create interesting and relevant interview pointers to demonstrate that there were suitable learning opportunities during their work-experience. 

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