5G Mindset in 5G Era

21st century most talked about advanced technology facilitator 5G & Currently we in the 4G era are on threshold and waiting for the 5G ecosystem to take off in a couple of years. Blazing fast wireless 5G networks are already beginning to pop up in a few major metropolitan areas in the U.S. and across Asia and Europe. Although the promise of 10 Gbps and 20 Gbps speeds is enticing, we shouldn’t get too excited just yet. It could take many years for 5G to become ubiquitous since the technology requires a very high density of antennas or “small cells” to be deployed. But our million dollar question is Are we ready to embrace and adopt such big & better advanced 5G so the answer lies in imbibing & embracing 5G Mindset.

While there is a lot of pent-up demand for higher speeds among consumers, it’s the enterprise that may reap the initial benefits of 5G.The corporate have their 5G Mindset to embrace 5G for profits and business successes. Mobile companies are banking that “network slicing” is going to be a hot new product in their portfolio, and there are some good reasons why. Just like fiber in the ground can be divided into wavelengths and sold as virtual networks, 5G frequency can also be “sliced” into different segments to be sold to different industries. These network slices can have different characteristics. For instance, a low latency slice might be sold to a hospital performing robotic surgeries. Or, a less-expensive, slower pipe could be sold to an IoT service that only needs to report inventory once a day, like smart vending machines. But what about customers and consumers the end-users or for whom all is done. The corporate with 5G Mindset must not think of only B2B Clients but also customers and consumers.

The 5G deployments that really have captured the corporate and carrier’s interests are replacements of traditional last-mile technologies. Most significantly Last-mile technologies like Fiber-to-the-Curb can now all be replaced with 5G. The technology does require a significant investment from the carriers, since a higher frequency is deployed, which doesn’t travel as far. Instead of traditional cell towers, mobile operators will need to deploy many “small cells,” or miniature towers, and they will need to deploy a lot of them. More ever today still small cell density translates to greater speed for the enterprise. It’s faster than Wi-Fi, and many employees may opt to connect to the company 5G network over Wi-Fi because of that. Thereby the taste of 5G mindset among people may not be ignored in 5G Era.

Now days 5G has been heralded as the most secure cellular technology to date, but some recent well-publicized exploits shouldn’t be ignored. Both 4G LTE and 5G networks called for the unencrypted transmission of device capabilities that could leave some devices susceptible to man-in-the-middle attacks. Hardening the security protocols around 5G is a smart thing to do before deployments are widespread, but it is alarming that exploits are appearing long before 5G networks have even rolled out in much of the world.

As consumers, corporate and companies’ alike rush to adopt 5G, what are the biggest concerns that come with adapting it? The answer is 5G Mindset.

Currently in 21 st century we in the 4G era, waiting for the 5G ecosystem to take off in a couple of years. We all need to reorient our mindset and values to enjoy a fulfilling life in the emerging new world order. Healthy and Happier lives are the call of today. The 5G is all set to become the backbone of future mobile networks, domestic appliances and other devices and apps. It operates at a very high frequency, can handle huge data and can be extremely fast in response and download speeds.

Also the human mind works much the same way. It stores and processes such voluminous data that owing to data overload and the speed with which it subconsciously processes it in our neural network, it can manifest into headache, dizziness, nausea, mental tensions and other such neuro symptoms. Thereby we need to be cautious.

Our mind should be equipped enough to handle such a massive data with poise and equanimity, much like 5G network, which clears all the clutter and noise arising out of criss-crossing of signals because of the robust infrastructure built around it.

The call is to imbibe and embrace 5G MINDSET IN 5G ERA. We too need to develop our inner infrastructure and strengthen our spiritual foundation by reinforcing what can be called 5G values that can briefly be summed up as:

1)To Gravitate — towards higher spiritual values of life.
2) To give up — egocentric desires and dysfunctional attributes.
3)To embrace Gratitude — be grateful for whatever you have.
4)To develop Generosity — develop abundance mentality and a large heart.
5) To give and develop foster ‘giving’ rather than ‘taking’ attitude.

As technology evolves beyond the traditional boundaries of corporate perimeters, companies can no longer be certain of the integrity of the network. Organizations need to shift their focus to embrace an approach of never trusting, always verifying the endpoints that access these networks. That means taking a layered approach to security. Is the device on the 5G network compromised? Is it being targeted in a man-in-the-middle attack? If the device is not trustful, should it be able to access company content, whether it resides on the device, in the company network, or in the cloud?

While there are promising aspects to 5G, companies and consumers alike need to recognize the risks that come with deploying faster network speeds. 5G speeds are coming and nothing can slow that down — but from a security perspective, it is critical that we shift to a zero-trust mindset before we can fully embrace the benefits that come with it.

The call is to imbibe and embrace 5G MINDSET IN 5G ERA

Prof (Dr).M.P.Singh,Program Director&Professor Marketing
Asia-pacific Institute, New Delhi,India.