6 Top Advantages of an Internship Program

All the top Business Schools in Delhi NCR place a strong emphasis on internship programs. And there’s a reason why internships are so popular among these schools. In this article, we’ll share with you the top 6 advantages of going on an internship program. Here’re they:

  1. You get to learn more about your industry: The classroom teachings surely help you to build the concepts and understanding of the business world. But, internship allows you to understand the real-world perspective as well. It gives you an exposure of how things work at basic level. 

Be it marketing, finance, IT or HR, internship helps you to know how each department of an organization works and co-ordinates with each other.

  1. Develop new skills: Internship helps you to gain practical know-how and gives you an opportunity to build new skills. This exposure can give you good lead as compared to other applicants in a job.
  2. Build brighter job prospects: While doing internship, if you have managed to impress your employers than they might consider recruiting you in future. Many organizations keep an eye on bright interns and absorb them when relevant openings come up.
  3. Networking: Networking helps you a lot in the professional world. Not every job gets listed on job portals and a lot of companies hire candidates through references. So, while doing internship you get to build genuine direct network which can be very helpful later.

People keep jumping from one job to another. So, having a strong network can open up multiple job resources for you at some point or the other.

  1. Gain references for jobs: During internship, your supervisor gets an opportunity to see your work closely. And, because you are working for the first time so there is lot of interaction that happens within the entire team including supervisor.

Internship is an excellent platform to exhibit your skills and gives you an opportunity to get recognized for your efforts. If you have done a good job, nobody minds in giving you recommendation or reference for doing a good job.

This can be of great help ahead when you seek out fresh job opportunities after finishing your PGDM or MBA from any of the top Business Schools in Delhi NCR.

  1. Meet new peers: While doing internship, you also get to meet new peers and learn from them. Candidates from different B-schools are recruited by the company every year for internships.

So, when you interact with peers of different B-schools with similar interests, you get to learn a lot. This is another opportunity to build new contacts which will help you throughout the professional life.

To sum up, internships are a great way to understand the basic environment at work. It helps you to set the right parameters that you can work upon in the second year of the course. These internships are very critical in providing you with hands-on skills and helping you relate with the theoretical classroom concepts. The practical exposure gained in internship helps you to adapt yourself well to the business world. So, never miss an opportunity of doing internships and make sure to make the best out of it. All top business schools in Delhi have a mandatory internship programme for all students.

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