7 top benefits of an MBA Internship program

7 top benefits of an MBA Internship program

Now that you have secured an admission to one of the top management Institutes of India, you must be well aware of the fact that you need to take up internships with organisations of the industry as a part of your academic curriculum. Asia Pacific Institute of Management, being a top management Institute in India elaborates more on why you should do so and how you stand to benefit from your MBA internship programs.

An internship program adds value to your professional degree and helps you define your career path of your choice. An MBA internship is a brief learning oriented on the job training experience with organisations as part of your first year and second year programs. Through an internship program you get to apply your classroom knowledge in the real world of business.

Here’s how an MBA internship may add value to your MBA degree and career ahead-

  1. Preview of roles and job profiles-It is the best way to gain an insight and first-hand experience. You can work in areas of your interest and see what work profile you may get later on in that role. It is the best way to peek into the corporate world before your graduation from the business school.
  2. Expansion of experience and knowledge– It is the best way to learn new skills without getting formally associated with an organisation. An internshiip with a big organisation not just adds upto your resume but also gives you an edge at the time of final placements.  
  3. .Helps you choose between careers– In case you are in two minds about different work profiles, say if you like both banking and financial markets (share broking) and are unable to choose, an internship with both will help you make a quick and good decision.
  4. Network expansion– Networking is the key to success in today’s world. Added exposures of internships expand your network and you stand to benefit from knowing more professionals in your field.
  5. Compensation– Internships are generally paid, even if it is a small amount. It is often enough to meet the travel and pocket expenses of young students, making it easier for them to commute. The organizations get dedicated workers for a month or two, whom they can absorb also later on.
  6. Transitions into job-Veryoften great performing interns are offered a job at the organization, which is an achievement in itself. This might happen at the end of an internship or some time later on when openings occur. It’s a win win situation for the companies as well as they get to induct people whom they have trained and tested before hiring. For the interns too, it’s the same way around, as they might accept or reject the offer depending upon their experience with the company.
  7. Development of skills- As a first exposure at the corporate world, interns slowly develop and refine skills needed to succeed in the corporate world. You tend to learn as you practice and interns are taught quite patiently by their mentors as compared to fresh entrants in the corporate world.

As a leading management institute, Asia Pacific ensure interesting summer internship programmes for its students which have helped them immensely in each of the ways discussed above. Make sure you take your internship program seriously.