AIM conducted a workshop on Voice Modulation on 23rd August 2017

AIM conducted a workshop on ‘Voice Modulation’ on 23rd August 2017

In its continuous effort to create global business leaders, AIM conducted an interesting workshop on voice modulation titled ‘Impact of Voice Modulation on Business Negotiation’ on 23rd August 2017. Communication is one of the basic key elements in enhancing your personality and doing it the right way is crucial. A lot goes behind making your communication skills perfect and that’s exactly what this workshop intended to teach to the students.

This workshop conducted by the alumni of National School of Drama (NSD) touched base on various aspects of voice clarity, confidence and methods to enhance your breathing techniques. Mr. Parag Sarmah – Production Head – NSD Production Division and Mr. Suman Vaidya – Actor/Director and Voice and Speech Trainer, NSD were applauded for teaching some great breathing and voice techniques to the students.

While making a presentation, students often speak quickly, softly and not clearly. This leads to a thought in their minds that they are not heard properly. To tackle all these situations, this workshop was conducted. There were a lot of inter-active communication tasks given to the students and they were taught to understand the grey areas of their voice and how they can improve upon it. The trainers ensured that the students enjoy their time and learn during the session. The students were divided into teams; each team was supposed to follow the leads’ instruction and enact upon the task given. These exercises also focused on confidence-building and demonstrating leadership along with understanding the importance of voice clarity and why it is important in a business scenario.

The technique of deep breathing was given much importance as it helps in your vocals and brings clarity and calmness to your speech. In between the exercises, the trainers managed to share why breathing right is necessary and how does it help you achieve voice clarity. They boosted up the confidence of the students by making them familiar with certain aspects of communication which are vital for success while conversing, negotiating or delivering a speech in front of a large gathering.

The workshop was organized by the IBSE club in collaboration with the Samvaad Club. Students were much appreciative that such workshops are being conducted in the premises which help them become a thorough corporate professional. They thanked the faculty and trainers for the event. The workshop concluded with a vote of thanks by Dr. Moon Moon Haque – Associate Professor (Economics).