AIM organizes a seminar on ‘Smart City’ in association with NARII Foundation

The journey of making a smart city starts with you, opines Dr. Sambit Patra (National Spokesperson, BJP). It is in the area of accolades that he has bagged credits from being a medicine professional to becoming an associate with BJP. Asia Pacific Institute of Management conducted a seminar on ‘Smart City Development’ in association with NARII Foundation on 20 th July 2017. The auditorium was almost occupied as the management graduates found it an opportunity to listen to what Dr. Patra had to say. The other renowned guests included names like Shri. A.K. Shrivastva (Chairman – Asia Pacific Institute of Management), Shri. Pawan Chopra (Secretary, Delhi Social Welfare), Prof. O.P.Mathur (Senior Fellow and Head, Urban Studies Institute of Social Sciences) and Shri. Sanjay Mayukh (MLC, All India Incharge Media Cell, BJP).

During the seminar, Dr. Patra laid emphasis on three Cs i.e. Challenge, Competitiveness and Continuity. The students were in attendance to what the chief guest had to speak. He also made a statement in Hindi by saying ‘ Is Jeevan Mein Chutti Nahi Milti’ for which he got applauded. The response was also overwhelming when he made a point to do the job of your choice and not take up any career forcefully. Elaborating on these three criterias, the other honourable guests drew attention on the similar lines. They also talked about Indian economy and how smart city development would help the government to provide houses to millions. Further, Dr. Patra added that facing challenges and overcoming them is the only way to be successful and happy in life. He also stated that one needs to be competitive all the time so that a candidate never misses out on competition ever.

With all these inspiring thoughts, the seminar came to an end and students took some great learning from this experience. To brief in a nutshell, the seminar was interesting enough to bind the students together as the speakers were influential enough to give some thought-provoking views on life essentials.