AIM: The Assurance Of Consistent Learning Throughout

AIM: The Assurance Of Consistent Learning Throughout

We have often heard students and alumni of various institutes complaining that apart from academic knowledge, they were not taught much in their 2 years of PGDM or MBA course. They lack the exposure and curriculum that was required to make them ready for various competitive scenarios and real-time hardships of the corporate sector. We, at Asia Pacific Institute of Management, brings up a curriculum that helps students in their holistic growth and personality development throughout. The kind of exposure and experience we provide to our students is class-apart and effectively prepares them for a promising future ahead. 

Traditional education has been successfully overcome by the advent of technology, and the world is witnessing a steady transformation from offline education to online education. Throughout, the pandemic we have seen that online education was a great option to keep learning consistent. But with a course like post-graduation, students might feel that they may be lacking out on a lot of practical action in these times. But here we are, bringing a paradigm change in the mindsets and exposure to the students through our motive of consistent learning. 

Let’s see some of the ways in which we assure consistent learning for our students

  • Build A Personal Connection With The Students: We encourage and inculcate activities that help the professors and students to form a deep bond of education. The students are able to get insights into the varied experiences of various professors, guest lecturers and corporate leaders. Throughout the tenure of their PGDM course, they are given a platform to clear out their doubts and ask numerous relevant questions. We at AIM believe that questions are crucial steps towards understanding and learning new concepts.  
  • Provide Them With The Right Push: We, as an educational institute, understands the requirements of effective learning and provides the right push to motivate them. Motivation is the key to effective learning, and perhaps the single most important contributor to motivation is a course’s perceived relevance. Thus, we, from the very beginning or onset of the course, discuss the course’s utility, value, and application with the students. We help the students understand the ways in which the course provides an essential foundation for more advanced courses for them. We encourage curiosity, persistence, flexibility, collaboration and many other traits in students and endorse more observational learning parameters.   
  • Create A Sense Of Community: We take the community building task very seriously and diligently implies way to create it in our students. Our faculty and staff members organize sessions where students are given a platform to share their opinions, knowledge, and experience with each other. They are prepared and conditioned to reach out to each other and support to build a strong community of educated adults. 
  • Organizes Meaningful Discussions: Whether the discussions take place orally, during a session, text or through chat, we make sure that the discussion genuinely contributes to students’ learning. We constantly organize brainstorming sessions, comprehension exercises, critiques, diagnosis, etc., for the students to reveal their experiences, perceptions, or thoughts. We offer divergent concepts to all and enable them to excel in various future activities of national and global competencies. 
  • Looks For Student’s Engagement: We try to provide active learning opportunities to the students to keep their interests and engagement. We try to give our students opportunities to actively participate during the class session by asking them to pose a question in the chat or respond to a question. We also have our students research the answer to a question; have them analyse a case study, a text, a document, a video clip, or some other form of evidence. This project-based learning keeps up the students’ interest and engagement in the class and also help them in gauging their understanding of the topic. 

AIM offers a very comprehensive curriculum that is committed to impart world-class education. Our college is rightly regarded as the best PGDM college in Delhi/NCR, as we ensure that all the students here gain the right exposure and skills to deal with the competitive world that lies ahead.  

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