An Introduction to the Best MBA Courses in India

MBA extends to Masters in Business Administration. It is a professional course that prepares students for the corporate world. After completing an MBA program, a student can choose to say in India and start his/her career in any leading company operating in his/her favourite niche, such as retail, banking, or education. Or, the student can pursue a career abroad in any firm or organisation of his/her choice. However, the path to success in the corporate world is not that rosy, even after one pursues and completes an MBA program or a PGDM course, which is a more contemporary course in management. To ensure success in the professional career, a student has to be well-informed as to which are the best MBA courses in India that are more in demand, and then take up such a course from a prestigious MBA college in India. This article will serve as a mini-guide for students who are completely beginners and have no idea whatsoever as to what makes a course the best in the stream, and choose a reputed college (read top rated MBA colleges in India).

Though there are dozens of MBA programs out there, the ones which have successfully survived the tests of time and ever-increasing corporate expectations include an MBA /PGDM course in human resource management, an MBA/PGDM in marketing management, an MBA/PGDM course in banking and financial services, and an MBA/PGDM in general management. In the last 3-4 decades, firms are also actively seeking out young graduates with in-depth knowledge about international business. So, the best of management colleges including the top 10 MBA colleges in Delhi have started offering MBA or PGDM programs in international business as well.

• MBA in Human Resource Management – businesses are about people. And an MBA or PGDM in HRM helps these businesses better manage their people. As long as businesses need people, MBA in HR will get you impressive pay packages and careers.

• MBA in Marketing Management – Marketing is essential to setting up and then running a successful business. Marketing enables a business to reach out to its intended group of customers and influence them, and making them excited about its products and/or services. In almost all business set-ups, marketing departments hold the maximum number of professionals. And it’s not difficult to guess why it is so. As long as a student succeeds in grabbing his/her seat in any of the top ranking MBA colleges in India and performs well in the campus interviews, he/she can be rest assured of dreamy careers ahead with some of the best companies operating in India.

• MBA in Banking & Finance – Once upon a time, India had just one or two banks. Today, we have way many, both in public and private sectors. And the expansion is just not stopping, paving way for excellent career opportunities for those with required skill sets and attitude. An MBA or PGDM in Banking & Finance prepares you for the opportunities that both banking and financial services sectors hold for talented individuals.
Hope the post helps you make an informed choice! We will soon come out with another post that will talk about other MBA / PGDM programs that a management aspirant can think about.