Best Institute of Big Data Analytics in Delhi

Big Data Analytics is currently one of the most widely used technologies, and more and more students are interested in studying its nuances. Large volumes of data are typically stored, arranged, and analyzed using big data in businesses. Understanding the idea of big data will be very beneficial for your future undertakings.

 For this reason, the number of Big Data Institutes in Delhi offering a PG Diploma in Business Analytics has increased significantly during the last few years. Even though it is not required, it is a good idea to enroll in a Institute well known in the specialized area so you can better understand topics and get your questions answered.

There are many institutions for PG Diploma  in Business Analytics eager to train you as Delhi is one of the top educational destinations for students. Before selecting an institute, though, be sure to contrast and compare.

Some of the best training institutes for data analytics courses in India are Technophilia, Techgyan,KV Computer Home Private Limited,Croma Campus,Digital Paradize,Madrid Software Training Solutions,APTRON Solutions and Asia Pacific Institute of Management.

Asia Pacific Institute of Management, New Delhi

Asia-Pacific Institute of Management (AIM) is one of the top 10 private B schools in India, which is a prestigious institution. The secret to Asia-Pacific Institute of Management's phenomenal success as one of the top private B schools in Delhi is its dedication to providing expertise by professedly in top-notch management education. A group of highly qualified academic members and industry specialists periodically update and redesign the course curriculum.

The Institute exposes students to the industry through conferences, industrial visits, internships, seminars, guest lectures, and international immersion programmes. We interact with the industry effectively on continous basis through our Industry council Members. The course material is ideal for developing future managers and providing a standard for succeeding generations.

Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Big Data Analytics)

Asia Pacific Institute of Management in New Delhi offers a two-year, AICTE approved full-time postgraduate PG Diploma in Business Analytics.

The importance of data analytics for businesses is emphasized throughout the training. Core managerial concepts like Big Data, data-driven decision making, learning through case studies, and practical experience using various analytical software’s and tools for data visualization, reporting, data manipulation, and statistical analysis will all be covered in the training provided to students. The participants will gain the knowledge necessary to be prepared to work as business analysts and data scientists in the industry through this programme.

Students will learn statistical principles, data management, big data analysis, and the creation of intelligent systems employing cutting-edge technologies like blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, and related tools, techniques, and algorithms in the PGDM-BDA curriculum.

Data is becoming a critical component of strategy and decision-making in today's international business climate, from the boardroom to the shop floor. The main focus will be on giving the students practical experience with all the popular software tools while working on real-world industry projects.

The challenging PG Diploma in Business Analytics curriculum improves students' professional prospects as it is job-oriented.


PGDM-BDA: Objectives


  • To operate in the variety of data-driven industries, such as E-commerce, banking and financial services, customer relationship management, operations, supply chain, and healthcare. Among others, one must develop analytical skills and improving capacities to develop students' capacity to work in technologically advanced situations.
  • Training them for organizations or enterprises using the most effective & data-driven innovative methods
  • To familiarize the students with the expanding contribution of Big Data & Analytics, as well as the resulting insights to management decision-making at various levels of Management.