Does MBA shape you as a solid hard core professional?

If you are looking at an answer to ‘Should you be pursuing MBA or pgdm program to grab good career opportunities ahead?’ the answer is ‘Yes’! MBA surely makes you more prepared and confident to face the ever changing dynamic business world.

As per the report published on 7th April, 2016 in Pittsburgh by the US department of education, out of 1, 895,000 degrees conferred in the year 2014-2015, the highest number (364,000) were only in management.

MBA or Post graduate diploma in management is definitely an advanced career option in the professional bucket of most global aspiring leaders. It is a pathway to nurture the managerial skills of people. It unearths the future leaders by honing their skills and making them a thorough professional.

Most successful business leaders believe that pgdm courses surely help to bring out the best attitude towards work in you. It teaches you to motivate people, gauge their wrong doings and to bring the entire team together to give the best desired results.

The entire two – year programme of MBA is designed in such a manner that it shapes you as a hard core professional. While doing MBA you learn to:
• To be a good team player: As a student, you are required to solve case studies, give presentations, perform skits, and organize events in groups. It inculcates the right team spirit in you.
• To be an effective communicator: English speaking is a mandate of this programme and you are required to brush up your communication skills further.
• Exposure to diversity: All top management colleges in India ensure that they maintain a diverse ratio of students in each batch. It helps to bring out all different perspective to things taken up in the classes.

Mr. Harris, the former CEO of cold Stone Creamery, trainer of CEO’s globally (Currently), says that leadership is about seeking inputs from others to a certain situation in hand. This is what the pgdm program gives you through its diversity and team building skills.

• Passionate and confident worker: It infuses a thorough professionalism and commitment to work in you. It builds immense confidence in you as a professional.
• To overcome ambiguity to come out with solutions where none existed. In the words of Raji Arasu, Chief Technology Officer, Fast Company, “narrow down on one goal which inspires you.” This is what MBA as a programme helps you to build.
In MBA programs from top management colleges in Delhi, there are plenty of academic co-curricular activities like solving case studies, making presentations in all subjects, doing extempore, connecting with industry, organizing events and seminars

Jack of all trades:
Pgdm program is all about learning to manage your craft effectively. It equips you to use the business tools and trade to execute your job effectively. As a manager, you are required to make sense out of the financial figures, sales graph, attrition percentage, etc. to understand what is going right and what is going wrong. It equips you to:
• Manufacture and promote the products
• Seeing that the company’s finances are healthy
• brand building
• Analyse and forecast the changes
• Putting the right people for the right job
• Taking the right decisions in the most challenging situations
• Create the right organisational structure for smooth functioning of the organization, etc.
• Managing people successfully
• Develop strong professional networks.

There are many job specializations like programmer, software engineer, recruiter, business promoter, sales professional, etc., which involves most productive work involving tangible benefits. And, on the other side you have managerial roles as management partners, programme managers, finance managers and business heads where in you don’t produce anything tangible but you are highly paid for your ability to drive business in the right direction. Post graduate diploma in management gives you the right attitude to handle challenges.

MBA is a reliable route to an established career. It gives you an opportunity to be able to manage the show. Being an MBA, you are expected to thrive in the most difficult chaotic situations of work and you have to find solutions where no ray of hope is available.

Solving difficult case studies, academic tours and excursions, regular interaction with industry academia helps to build the right attitude towards work. If you are an MBA from top management colleges in India, you are aware of what is expected of you and you are trained to match up to the corporate expectation during your academic programme.

As per DaiannaKaraian, Alumnus Kellogg School Of Management, MBA helped her gain awareness of her strengths and weaknesses better. It helped her to indulge in learning to market sustainable products. It gave her the exposure to the nitty-gritties of business world which otherwise would have taken years to learn. When double dip recession was around the corner, DaiannaKaraian managed to grab an excellent job with the best tech company of the world. It was purely because of her MBA background which helped her find a job for herself.

Another student, Ben Abbate, pursuing Executive Global Master’s in Management from London School of Economics, said that original research conducted while making projects in Management programme, helped to come up with proven conclusions and overrule the popular gimmicks or slogans of management.

So, it is quite obvious from the live examples of successful managers on the global platform that MBA from top management colleges in Delhi does help to shape you as a solid hard core professional. MBA or pgdm courses provide you with a deep insight and understanding of the business world with tactics to deal with it.

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