Effective Ways To Make The Most Of The Freshman Year In The Pandemic

The ongoing pandemic, since the last year, has taken away the joy and enthusiasm from the lives of new college goers. Covid19 has cast a shadow over many students’ first year of college. Two years back the college use to be about making new friends, learning new subjects, building careers, etc but now it has reduced to online classes and more screen time. 

Though zoom classes have enabled the students to attend to the ongoing demands of education, it has disrupted the learning and growth big time. While it’s easy to blame the pandemic and excuse these behaviours, it’s important not to forget just how important your freshman year of college is. Let’s see at some of the ways by which you can make the most out of your freshman year in the college

  • It’s Important To Start Each Day Stronger: Things can get little mundane and monotonous. It’s important here to have a structured plan for each day to not loose the guidance to move forward. While you can be flexible in the order and arrangement of each activity for what works best for you, creating and following through with a true priority list in any sense is a highly valuable practice for college students. The list should be short, simple and attainable. 
  • Plan Your Day Well: Using planners and alarms and other well-known tools are highly useful in staying on track each semester. These tools are helpful in keeping you well-planned and known the complete activities of the day. It is very easy in these online times to drift away from the real goal. These tools and planners helps you achieve targets and deadlines with efficiency and diligence. 
  • Take Breaks: Online classes and extended screen time can take a toll on the mental as well as physical health. One needs to slow down a little bit and take regular breaks in between. Slowing down can prolong your stamina and ability to look to the future. It’s important to not break yourself and take regular breaks. 
  • See To The Benefits Of Student Involvement: Most years students get the opportunity to socialise in various events and gatherings. Though this year it can be tedious to attend glitchy online meetings. But it’s a way to network and get to know the peers. Many students who don’t join clubs in the freshman year struggle to take part later, as bonds between grades have been established.  

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