Everything to Know About PGDM in Healthcare Management

Everything to Know About PGDM in Healthcare Management

The Healthcare industry is multiplying, and healthcare professionals have tremendous demand to manage healthcare administration services in different capacities. Healthcare systems are defined by their medical staff (surgeons, doctors, nurses, etc.). However, it is essential to understand the importance of the non-medical managerial staff, which serves as a backbone of the complex healthcare institution.

The supervisors and managers are responsible for the strategic administration of various external and internal operations, which facilitates the efficient and smooth functioning of any healthcare network. It is crucial, as a society, to invest in the healthcare sector. The Indian healthcare sector sees support from private and governmental as such services are vital.

A PGDM in healthcare management allows one to take up management duties in pharmaceutical firms, hospitals, or other healthcare companies. This program emerges among the popular options among management diplomas due to the growth in the healthcare sector, especially in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Asia-Pacific Institute of Management's two-year PGDM in healthcare management program (HCM) is designed for those who wish to pursue a career in healthcare management. The program aids graduate willing to start a career in healthcare management.The program aids graduate willing to start a career in healthcare management.

PGDM in Healthcare Management Scope

This qualification makes you ideal for working in private and public sector hospitals. The state health department appoints management professionals in numerous top roles. Aspirants are sought after for working in government and privately run hospitals to run healthcare programs efficiently.

It also allows for a swift ascension into top-level management jobs for individuals while contributing productively to the improvement of the healthcare industry. These jobs can be in diverse departments. Prospects for a PGDM in healthcare management include positions in human resources, public relations, accounting, marketing etc., in spaces like rehabilitation, lifestyle clinics, pharmaceutical corporations, insurance companies, diagnostic labs, and NGOs.

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Eligibility and Program Fees

Graduates with 50% Marks in any academic discipline are eligible for admission. Graduates willing to make a career in the healthcare industry- This program will help graduates eager to start their careers in the healthcare industry. Program fees are around 8 to 10 lacs.


The average salary package starts at ₹5 lakh per annum for entry-level managerial positions and goes up to ₹12 lakhs per annum for higher positions. A degree from a reputed institute like the Asia-Pacific Institute of Management becomes particularly beneficial since educational institutes concentrate on maintaining partnerships with top recruiters to ensure jobs in good positions and steady career growth.

Benefits of PGDM in Healthcare Management

1. Better Job Opportunities:

Different job opportunities are available after PGDM in healthcare. The sky's the limit after the completion of this diploma. Students can apply for Pharma, IT Healthcare, Consultancy, Diagnosis, Medical Equipment or device, and Insurance positions.

2. Good Remuneration:

Healthcare providers' hard work and efforts and the numerous risks involved make them eligible for a hefty salary. The demand for such professionals has increased post-pandemic, making them enjoy reasonable remuneration. In addition, experience also plays a vital role in healthcare.

3. Training & Development:

Asia-Pacific Institute of Management trains you in the PGDM in healthcare management beyond the traditional courses offered by other universities in the PGDM in healthcare management. It helps you develop your communication skills and leadership qualities essential for healthcare professionals. The mandatory internship helps develop your functional and behavioral skills for a bright future.

4. Improved Healthcare Knowledge:

Better healthcare knowledge enables you to explore jobs by top-notch companies in their respective fields. Passionate and enthusiastic individuals are hired as healthcare consultants, including claim audits with technical assessments, gatekeeping functions, and maintenance investigations.

5. Service-Driven Sector:

The sector comprises companies that offer preventive, palliative, wellness, diagnostic, nursing care, vaccination, and therapeutic services. Healthcare professionals help to serve society at large. They get a chance to serve the community directly or indirectly to remain healthy and adopt a healthy lifestyle. The healthcare sector provides the most satisfying and rewarding jobs with its ability to serve the community and bring a positive impact.

6. Better Flexibility:

Earning a PGDM in healthcare management allows individuals to handpick the medical network type or facility to work in. The healthcare industry is constantly evolving, with many facilities opening up. While a graduate may be satisfied working as an administrator of a nursing facility, the diploma in healthcare management allows for a better and bright future with better job opportunities.

Career or Job Opportunities

Marketing/Sales/Product Management

numerous jobs originate in sales & business expansion and will go promoted to product management & marketing after some years. You can look ahead to carrying out domestic and international markets. B2B and B2C sales can also be an element of your job.


in healthcare institutions, hospitals, and clinical setups, the recurrent prospect for operations manager jobs in profusion. In product development setups, you can get an opening to get selected at a project management office as a project manager.

Healthcare IT/Analytics/Consulting

A business analyst is a mainly used profile or job position in the healthcare management pasture. When it comes to its service providers, the business analyst's borders between its services and clients (hospitals, pharmaceuticals, and health insurance firms) are average in appraising healthcare procedures and formative necessities.


The health insurance portion is mounting swiftly, and there are abundant conspicuous opportunities for healthcare professionals. Also, with a clinical or medical background, you can get a job proffer in underwriting & claims.

Closing Thoughts

The healthcare sector is flourishing, with countless job opportunities. There is a need for more skilled professionals to run the show. This highlights the crucial role PGDM in healthcare management plays in churning out candidates who fit the roles well, making the ideal time for graduates and other professionals to enroll in this program.

The Two Year PGDM in Healthcare Management program (HCM) of Asia-Pacific Institute of Management, New Delhi, is designed for those willing to excel in their healthcare management and administration career.