Features To Be Looked At While Searching For Top MBA / PGDM Colleges In India

Features To Be Looked At While Searching For Top MBA / PGDM Colleges In India

A college education is much more than classes. It is a time for growth, a time when students broaden their horizons beyond  the walls of their upbringing to experience all the world has to offer. In this perspective,  an MBA / PGDM aspirant may have numerous questions in mind. One of those questions is related to self doubts like am I capable enough to get admissions in the best college? But before you reach to the questions like this, you should first know which of these colleges are best and how you should judge them. Most often it is not easy to visit  all the colleges before making a decision which all may be selected in your desired list. In this scenario, the list has to be  made based on the  information available online. This article talks about the features of PGDM institutes which can be used for judging their quality and which may be assessed based on the information provided online.

Placement-  When you start your search for PGDM college, first thing  you should pay attention to is placements. Have a look at not only the average package but also to the minimum and maximum salaries. If the bandwidth of the minimum and maximum salaries is high then average package must be below the mentioned level.

Faculty Profile- Faculty  plays a pivotal role in imparting quality education  to students. Their knowledge and experience contributes in their classroom delivery and outside classroom counseling. Thus,  a look at the profile of the faculty can give you a fair idea about the quality of the education provided by them.

Location- The location advantage of MBA colleges is something like a icing on the cake. Connectivity and accessibility definitely add to the fact that more and more companies visit the campus. This improves the quality of the placements.

Infrastructure –  Mere existence of building, classrooms or playground doesn’t guarantee the infrastructural support. Quality of the facilities also matters. The virtual support system like library, computer labs, Internet,  connectivity, and access to research journals, both online,  both online and off line, are equally important for teaching-learning process.

Course Design- Unique program, which integrates both core management areas as well as carefully selected elective courses, are important for developing the skill-set needed for a career in the area of your choice. Course design also facilitates the overall learning of the subjects deemed relevant by the industry.

Students’ intake criteria – Most of the learning in a PGDM institute happens outside the class amongst the peer group. The peer group contributes immensely in the process of bringing change in the personality. Thus the criteria of the selection of students also work as filter for the non-serious students.

Cocurricular activities – The real application of the skill acquired in the classes happens beyond the classrooms. The Co-curricular activities like quizzes, debates, organizing events, seminars are the real test of the learning. Apart from these, the interaction with the industry personnel also boosts confidence and their experience helps in preparing for better career opportunity.